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The three sides to every problem

In this blog, Roger Hamilton will be publishing simple tips for Talent Dynamics performance consultants to use to create flow in their teams. This week, the topic is team problem solving. Last year Roger Hamilton took a group of entrepreneurs toRoger Hamilton Italy and Egypt, and while there he shared the influence that Pythagoras had on problem solving. Roger quoted a Pythagoras dictum “Establish the triangle and the problem is two thirds solved.” When you only have two opposing points of view, little can be seen. Step outside to a third point, and the detachment creates perspective on the entire problem.

Not only was this principle used by scientists to plot stars, create our calendar and maps, determine distances and by societies to set up their legal and monetary systems, it is also used by entrepreneurs to address current challenges and opportunities by focusing the team on a third point in the future – a goal and vision for them all to align to. This concept of triangulation is also the fastest way to set up a team to problem solve or project manage using a simple 1-2-3 process with the Talent Dynamics square:

1. Begin with the leader’s profile (for example, Star Profile)
2. Take two steps to find the best right-hand man (which would be Deal Maker Profile)
3. Take three steps to find the best counter-balance (which would be a Lord Profile)

Many successful teams are made up in this way (and it works whichever profile you begin with). It allows all sides of the square to be covered with primary and secondary profiles with the minimum number of team members. As Roger James Hamilton says “Two legs on a stool isn’t worth anything. It’s the third leg that brings value to all three.”

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Treat everyone the way you want to be treated… Or not?!


This sure was the way Goldie liked to be treated…

How many times have you heard this phrase? My parents and grand-parents said it to me often as a child, my teachers repeated it. When I joined the workplace it was a mantra for customers and staff alike and yet today it couldn’t be farther from my reality! You see, I realised that people were very different and not everyone wanted to be treated the way I wanted to be treated!

In some cases, treating them how I wanted to be treated, backfired on me!

Take the Dynamo Energy Profiles – Creators/Stars/Mechanics, who enjoy significance, so they can be unique and stand out with their creations and innovations. They love a task and so oftentimes, want to just get stuff started and done. They like speed and activity!

The Blaze Energy Profiles – Stars/Supporters/Deal Makers who enjoy as much variety as possible. Even down to changing the route to work in the morning to see who else they might meet. They are seeking conversation and are good at creating and working with distractions. The more people at the party, the more fun they can be having!

The Tempo Energy Profiles – Deal Makers/Traders/Accumulators like to focus on what needs to be done. They excel at when to actually get the project really moving and taking proper shape. Order is important to them as is routine. Connection and collaboration are required in the project and its important for everyone to have time and be heard!

The Steel Energy Profiles – Accumulators/Lords/Mechanics are looking for certainty when making decisions. Detail and precision is important to them and they like all the information in front of them, before they commit to the plan. They enjoy the analysis and can make very well informed moves when data is at hand. Cutting to the chase and understanding the detail means they don’t need to spend lots of  time chatting and dicsussing!

Now, here’s my major piece of ground breaking, research type, advice!

If you really want to know the best way to treat someone, ask them…

When you sit down with one of the 8 profiles and ask them these few basic questions, you may be suprised by the answers you recieve. It can be real fun to test this out on someone who is the opposite profile to you!

  1. How do you enjoy to recieve/give praise?
  2. What are the indicatiors you use to know you have done a job well?
  3. How do you like to celebrate a success?
  4. What is the best environment for you to work in?
  5. What are your favorite parts of your job role and why?
  6. What are your least favorite?
  7. Who do you admire leadership wise and why?
  8. What qualities would you seek in your line manager/leader and why?
  9. When are you at your most productive?
  10. What else should I really ask you that I havent asked you yet….

“Maxim for life: You get treated in life the way you teach people to treat you” – Wayne Dyer


Roger Hamilton Blog: Talent Dynamics for Schools: The Gen Y Revolution

Over 40,000 entrepreneurs around the world are now using the Wealth Dynamics system , and in the last year the philosophy of flow behind Wealth Dynamics is being applied to corporations through Talent Dynamics, led by Michelle Clarke. This summer, Roger Hamilton has been busy re-crafting the test for the launch of Talent Dynamics for Schools. This system will be launching in the UK with 500 students in July, via the HERO programme.

Roger James Hamilton has become more actively involved in student education this year, with his two daughters at the Green School in Bali. He has connected the Green School with SuperCamp, the world’s leader in student enrichment camps, to run a Junior Green SuperCamp in July and a Senior Green SuperCamp in December. As Roger says “Gen Y is all about a generation asking that question at a deeper level – “Why am I doing what I’m doing; Why are we treating each other poorly; Why are we mistreating the environment; Why are we settling for a basic job when instead we could be starting a movement?”. In the Wealth Dynamics philosophy, the question “Why” represents water, which is the first of the five steps of all

via Roger Hamilton XL Blog: Talent Dynamics for Schools: The Gen Y Revolution.

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Michelle's June news

It’s mid way through the year and it seems at TDHQ that everything is happening in June!

Today of course marks the launch of our brand new affiliate/reseller website where you can earn money by sharing the principles of Talent Dynamics and flow with your friends and clients. If you have missed the launch, click here to check out the launch offer! The offer is limited to the first 50, so please dont miss out!

As you read this newsletter, Jan and I will be running a 5 day, Step One Accreditation workshop in Preston, then heading to Australia at the end of the month to train and accredit our first group of Performance Consultants on the Gold Coast! We have already filled 2 workshops in Australia and with demand so high, we have just this week released new dates for another programme in October!

Also in June, in partnership with our great friends and client HERO 500 teenagers across Lancashire are being the first ever Pilot group to take the Talent Dynamics for schools profile test anywhere in the world! I’ll then be running a special session with all 500 at the start of July so more on that in next months news!

‘TDS’ as we have nicknamed it here, for short, is aimed at young people from 9-16.  If you want to know more about how young people can participate, or you are currently an education provider in the development world and are interested in how this can add value to your current product offering, drop me a line for more info

Have a fabulous flow filled month ahead!


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How Talent Bubbles up or Settles Down

Recently Roger Hamilton, was asked about the best methods for talent selection. His response was worth repeating. He said that the key to hiring the right talent is to set the selection process to match the frequency you’re looking for. A popularity contest would bring out the Blaze energy, a creative competition would bring out Dynamo, a rigorous online test would bring out Steel and a research submission would bring out Tempo.

Roger James Hamilton is always quick with analogies, and he uses politics to illustrate his point: The US political system is structured as a popularity contest, so every President since Roosevelt has been a Star profile. China is the opposite, where longevity and loyalty are the driving factors, and so all the recent Premiers have been Lord and Mechanic profiles. UK and Australia’s electoral system is based much more on consensus, and so recent Prime Ministers have been Supporter profiles (With the exception of Gordon Brown who, as a Lord profile, was Chancellor of the Exchequer until he took over from Tony Blair without an election. As soon as elections came about, he was voted out, as Lord’s simply don’t have the interpersonal skills the public want to see in their leader, and their weaknesses shine through).

The conversation continued, with Roger Hamilton discussing how these different country systems and the leaders they produce have a direct impact on how well the country can whether economic crises (The US will do what a Star does by trying to spend their way out, while China is doing what a Lord does, which is to increase its control on its purse strings). He also discussed parallels in corporations, and how there are many examples of companies seeking a change in the type of leader they want, but continuing with the same recruitment process and getting the same result. The key message: Don’t focus at the person, focus at the process.

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Today! It launches today! With an amazing Opportunity for the first 50 to take action…

We are delighted to finally bring you our lovely new shiny affiliate/reseller site. Today is launch day!! 

Oh and there is a special opportunity for the first 50 to land here and take action…. (But be quick, we already sent this offer out yesterday to a large group of people who pre-registered for the information, many of whom have already taken action and our Sister company Wealth Dynamics is mailing out to over 120,000 on their list as well today!)

This new site is where you can go to buy Talent Dynamics Profiles in Bulk at a generously discounted rate, to resell to your clients. You can also register yourself as an affiliate and receive a thank you commission from us, every time you promote and sell a profile via your link!

Special Launch Opportunity!

For the first 50 quick off the mark companies – or just up until 30th June, whichever comes first, you can access this amazing opportunity!!

For Just £499 / AUS$749

  • 10 profile tokens for immediate use with your team (value £1,000/$1,500)
  • A full set of all 8 Talent Dynamics Profile Reports in detail (value £299/$499)
  • An Audio from one of the UK’s leading HR Directors on how to build effective teams using Talent Dynamics
  • The full Talent Dynamics E Guide

Each of your team upon taking the test, will receive back a full 10 page report detailing their strengths and challenges in your team and highlighting the best roles for them to increase trust and flow and the roles to avoid as they can destroy trust and flow!

All this for only £499!

Click here now to go straight to the offer page!

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Jans Corner: Heaven and Hell at work

Have you heard the story about what is the difference between heaven and hell? In both places they have the same feast everyday sitting behind large tables overflowing with delicious food and with long spoons in their hands yet surprisingly in hell everyone looks skinny, grumpy and sick whilst in heaven all are healthy, vital and happy.

The difference is that in hell everyone is there for themselves. They haplessly and frantically try to feed themselves from the myriad of goodies on the table using that long spoon in their hand. After a lot of effort, all they create is just a mess around and barely getting any food in their mouths. In the end, everyone is left starving despite the surrounding abundance of food. In heaven, on the other hand, everyone uses their long spoon to feed someone else. You get the difference. It’s easy, fun and every one is fed every single time. In heaven, they understood the basis of effective collaboration and reap the benefits. 

We are raised to be competitive and take care of number one. While it might be sometimes useful in the limited context of survival, in terms of productivity and prosperity in business, which is rarely an individual endeavour, this habitual attitude can create a lot of frustration and wasted potential – experience not far from hell. And as you may guess this pain is not necessary. Paradoxically, even the word competition implies collaboration as it comes from the latin word competare, which means to strive together. 

What if your focus shifted from striving to be successful to making others around you more successful. What if you, your colleagues or people in the team showed up everyday asking:

:: What can I do today that will make you more successful?

:: What can I provide you and others to make your work easier, faster, more productive or more enjoyable?

:: How valuable can I be today for everyone in my team? 

Something changes when we shift our focus from ourselves to contributing to others and their success – be it our team mates, our boss or our business as such. The experience is different and so our own results. By feeding others, we get fed as well, abundantly, every day.

Even if just for a moment, let us be inspired by heaven as portrayed in the story and make it an everyday experience at the place where we probably least expect it – in business and at work.

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Unas Spotlight:A Different Perspective on Problem Solving…

I was ill recently and I woke up one morning with a strong feeling to go to acupuncture, something I haven’t done for years. When the acupuncturist was taking my history I realised with shock that I’ve been experiencing this recurring issue 2-3 times a year for seven years! I had learned how to mitigate it, alleviate it and sometimes stop it happening when I spotted early signs. Quite simply, I had gotten used to it, time passed and I wasn’t thinking about different perspectives on the problem.

In fact the only reason that I started thinking about doing something was because I usually am only off work one or two days when this happens but this time it was the best part of a week and frankly I was fed up of not being my usual high energy, dynamic self.

I wondered, how often does this happen in business where problems become part of the furniture, the way we do things? How often do we just accept somebody’s poor performance in a particular area of their role and we just work our way around it. Yet what about the underlying causes? What if they could be addressed in a different way from a different perspective?

Don’t put up with poor performance. When you establish each person’s strengths and how they add value, then you can help them get into flow and leverage that within the team by allocating accountabilities where they will be most easily met. Why insist that somebody get good at something that they probably will never excel at? It just doesn’t make sense. Instead of having well-rounded individuals, have well-rounded teams and watch your performance, productivity and profits grow.

Don’t put up with other business problems either. One of the benefits of applying Talent Dynamics is that you know who to get involved for their different perspectives. When you bring together different profiles on key business issues, you really see the distinct value that they bring. Each profile will have a different focus; a different way of thinking that adds its own unique value. For instance, if you are a Creator or Star profile you are likely to come up with an idea to solve a problem. Yet especially when you’re in a team or larger organisation it may well be a people or process issue that you can’t innovate your way out of. In this situation a Lord and/or Supporter profile will know what to do.

I’ve heard it said that when you move into a new home, anything you don’t get fixed up in six months probably will never get fixed because you just get used to it. So take a fresh look at your business, your home and your life today with a new pair of eyes and even better, get people with a different perspective from you to also take a look. You may be surprised at what they spot and how easy it is to fix something that – even though it may not have been on your radar – will really add to your bottom line and improve your flow.

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Fantastic Opportunity to celebrate the launch of!

Hooray! In the middle of June goes live! This is the site where you will be able to buy the Talent Dynamics Profile test in bulk for use with your teams. You can also register, either as an affiliate or reseller and promote the profile test yourself!

We see tremendous shifts for the teams discovering their profiles. Teams that have increased their productivity, seen dramatic increases in revenue and profit. Teams that are in flow, happier and more fulfilled.

To celebrate the launch of the new site later this month, we are offering a really special opportunity to a very limited number of our clients and we dont want you to miss out!

This note is to give you special advance notice to be ready to find out about and take action on the opportunity.

To make sure you get to hear before anyone else does, you simply need to register here – this will give you a whole 24 hours notice to take action before everyone else gets to find out!

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