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Una’s spotlight: Smarter smart goals!

As you are well aware, many people set goals and New Year’s resolutions every year and few achieve them. While you may have come across copious advice on goal setting, read on for something with a different perspective…

“Hell isn’t merely paved with good intentions; it’s walled and roofed with them. Yes, and furnished too.”
Aldous Huxley

There are books galore on setting smart goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. Frankly, I’d be amazed if most people reading this article hadn’t heard of them. That’s not what I mean by truly smart goals though.

I’d like you to put all that to one side for a while and instead focus on the following steps. Once you’ve decided what you want (the topic of at least one other article I’m sure!) you simply need to do two things:

1. Decide where you add the most value to achieving your smart goals

Look at the different ways that you (and your team) can add the most value. Consider strengths and weaknesses, skills, experience, what you actually want to spend your time doing. Ask yourself the question, how can I help others be most effective that will result in me achieving my smart goal?

Where can we add value by being innovative using Dynamo talents? Where can we add value through timing, through the where and the when with people who have Tempo profiles? What are the products and services that will make the most difference to those you serve?

What structures are already in place that will make this easier to achieve? What structures could you put in place if they’re not there? A structure could be a rhythm and routine of meetings, tapping into people’s talents, using the resources that you already have and/or simply believing that the smart goals are achievable.

This is all about you discovering your path of least resistance.

2. Leverage this value effectively

How can you then leverage this value through systems and processes? Get those more data and detail oriented Steel energy people on the case. For example, this could be mapping out effective processes to get repetitive tasks done or it could be using websites for distribution.

How could you leverage this value through people bringing Blaze energy into play? Think about your team, communication within the team and just as importantly with others. Who can sell the idea? Who can be your advocates or affiliates? Who else could you deliver this value to so that you’re not constantly reinventing the wheel?

Write down the activities that need to take place for these two steps and you have the outline of a plan to achieve what you want.

A final word on smart goals

In some instances you may wish to do the two steps above and let the smart goals fall out of that process… This is because this approach allows you to look at truly creating what you want and what you will be great at creating. You may well find that suddenly what you’re looking to create is much bigger than you have ever done before! Traditional goal setting can be limited at times by past experience and learning.

This knowledge by the way, is incredibly vital for people’s sustainable wellbeing. According to Robert Fritz in ‘The Path of Least Resistance”, being empowered to create often is where humanity rises to the challenge. The fulfillment enjoyed by those who create what they want knows no bounds. When you understand how to add value, and leverage that value effectively, then you’re pretty much giving yourself a get out of jail card for the majority of situations in your life.

Fritz says that where evil and bad things flourish it is always where people don’t feel able to create. Think about areas of poverty where people feel they have no control over what happens. Think about employees who’ve given up from frustration. Increase your levels of creation and help those around you to do the same – you may be amazed at the incredible difference this could make…

Now that’s what I call Smart Goals!

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Michelle’s January news

Michelle ClarkeI’m writing this, as Master Trainer, Jan flys back to the UK from Johannesburg, where he ran the 5 day Step One Performance Consultant Accreditation workshop with our first ever group of PC’s from South Africa! I skype dialled the group, on Friday last week, to hear their feedback and discuss their next steps. Already, one of the new PC’s on Friday, (in his lunch break) called one of his clients to tell them all about the benefits and they immediately booked a programme with him! Another one of the PC’s was able to supply a key client with 50 profiles straight away. (Not to mention the £1.8M of strategies they uncovered, to implement into their own Training companies) Now that’s what we call Flow…

It’s January and what is January without a January Sale? We are launching the TD for Sales E-Guide this month, with an extraordinary opportunity to get your Sales teams into Flow – Please don’t miss this opportunity as its really limited!

I’m heading to the Gold Coast in Australia, to run an Accreditation workshop next week with Vicky our Master License Holder in Australia. Vicky and the team at IPS Talent are running regular workshops across Australia this year if you want to join us out there as a TD accredited partner. I’ve been told to pack my sun screen – it’s hard to imagine looking outside my office window right now but I’m sure i’ll get used to it 🙂

Have a fabulously Flow filled month ahead!











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Jan’s Corner: Winning the collective game

There is a lot talk about personal responsibility in the workplace these days. And rightly so. Without personal responsibility nothing really works and it is hard to make the best out of both people and opportunities.

But is personal responsibility enough to win in the collective game of business?

In professional team sports, like football or ice hockey, each player takes personal responsibility to bring their best performance to the game. They prepare, spend time in the gym and in the practice, they condition their bodies and their minds to peak performance. They show up on the pitch or ice rink with the resolve and determination to win and yet they often fail short of their collective potential. As every English football fan knows, there are numerous instances of Star-filled teams expected to bring home championship trophies but failing miserably in a critical moment, to a team with much lesser regarded individuals.

Under pressure when the stakes are high, teams that succeed rely on the trust and flow – this fluid natural collaboration – they built together over time and for a common purpose. They don’t just pull on the same rope in the same direction but also basically show up not to just be their best but to be their best so that the others can be their best. This is a slight shift of context which makes a big difference not just in sports but naturally also in business. It shift everyone’s orientation on not his or her own success but on the success of all others.

What do you think would change if you showed up at work not just by taking personal responsibility for your performance but also with the orientation and commitment to make the others more successful? If your sole responsibility in the team was to make sure that the others are performing – nothing else but – at their best? That they have the environment, conditions and inputs in the fashion, quality and time when they can and will inevitably succeed?

The beauty in this is that the business has a much greater chance to win when challenged, everyone has a great experience performing and learning in the process regardless of the results… plus everyday you wake up everyone else wakes up to make your success inevitable.

I’d say a bold idea worth applying.

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Lancashire Business View Press Release

We have been featured in the January / February 2012 edition of the Lancashire Business View, we have included the cutting below.

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Talent Dynamics for Selling – January Sale!

Opportunity January Sale!

Are you in Sales? Do you have accountability for the Sales team?

Are you looking for ways to dramatically improve your teams Sales?

I know its taken longer than a ‘while’ to make this available but here it is, finally! Its also launched alongside an unbeatable ‘January Sale’ opportunity but for a very limited period only!

The all new Talent Dynamics for Selling E Guide.

If you are familiar with Wealth Or Talent Dynamics you will already know about the incredible way you can powerfully create Flow with teams, using it. Teams collaborate with ease, productivity speeds up, financial results improve dramatically and people have more fun!

Click here to view the first 4 pages of the brand new E Guide!

What’s in it?

In this 20 page E guide, you will discover that with all of the technology and information so easily accessible to customers these days, the old way of selling is becoming less and less relevant.

Discover in this E Guide:

  • 5 key Steps to Selling in this new age
  • How to change your focus from closing windows to opening doors
  • The 3 roles of a Sales Conductor during the sales process
  • Managing yourself
  • Understanding the 4 primary frequencies
  • How to identify your potential clients TD frequency
  • The buying habits of each of the Frequencies
  • The essential do’s and dont’s when selling to each of them

How to get your copy

In the month of January a select group of our Consultants are offering a never to be repeated opportunity!

Click here to find out which Consultants can supply you with this incredible deal!

This offer is open until the 31st January or until all the packages have been sold out, whichever happens first! There are only 50 packages available worldwide, so if you want to be one of the lucky ones, click here to see which Consultant near you has a promotion running.

Purchase 5 Talent Dynamics profiles for your team and each team member, as well as finding out about their Talent Dynamics Profile, will also receive a full 20 page version of the brand new Selling E guide.

Normally this package would cost £645 to purchase but for the next few weeks or until all the opportunities have been taken up, you can purchase a package for just £325!

Special Opportunity

Thats a saving of well over £300!

5 x profiles  x £99 = £495

5 x E guides x £29.99 = £149.95

Total Value = £644.95

One off investment during this promotion only = £325.00

This incredible E Guide wont even be available to purchase from our online shop until 1st February, so if you want to get your hands on some copies right now for your sales team, then this is how to get them!

To access one of these packages, click on the consultant in your location using their contact details or contact us on telling us where you are based and we will find a consultant to help you.

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