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Free TD E Guide with extra new bonuses available for download now!

We have updated, revamped and added to our popular Free E guide this month.

Trainers and team builders wanting to know more about what Flow is and how to create it for business success have been downloading this Free Guide for the past 12 months and we thought it was time to update it.

We also decided to add some more free tools for people who want to know how to build high performing teams and to understand how Flow is a crucial element in that process.

Click here today to download the Free E guide and we will send you 2 free bonuses along with the E guide to really help you and your teams get into Flow!

Let us know what you think.

Drop us a line at with your feedback!

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Michelle’s Feb news

I had a fabulous start to my February with a trip to Australia. I was over on the Gold Coast to run a workshop for these lovely people who have now become accredited partners with us through our Master License Holder in Australia.

I had some time with Vicky Jennings, from Brisbane, who became a Performance Consultant in June of last year and she told me how since becoming a partner with us, her training business has seen a 100% increase in bottom line and is on target to treble in the next 6 months!

I thought that absolutely deserved to be made into a case study video here for you to see!

If you run a training/business development/recruitment company and are curious to know how becoming an accredited partner can impact your revenues in a similarly positive way, why not register for a free live webinar here, where I can explain much more about it.

It was also delightful in February, to discover that we had got through to the finals for the Red Rose Awards in 2 categories. There are a few of us donning posh outfits for the ceremony on 15th March, which should be a great event!

Have a fabulously flow filled month ahead!

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Una’s Spotlight: You never listen! Why ignoring your team could land you in trouble…

Have you ever felt that your boss didn’t listen to you, or has your team ever accused you of not listening to them?

Research now demonstrates that this indeed can be the case and that there are several significant factors as to why leaders may not listen:

  • Increased power
  • Overconfidence
  • Repeating what worked in the past

The research showed that the more power a manager had the less likely they were to take advice from others. Probably part of what got them promoted in the first place is the fact that they were decisive and got things done, right? The whole team wasn’t promoted after all, they were.

Overconfidence led to poor results

However this experience could lead to them becoming overconfident about their decision-making. The researchers found that even when making decisions in area where they had little or no expertise, some leaders would go ahead anyway because they overestimated the value of their general decision-making experience.

The study showed this often generated poor and inaccurate results compared to the leaders and managers who consulted others.

What is the impact of all this? Firstly, not listening to and taking advice from your team is likely to land you in trouble because you probably won’t achieve the same level of outcomes.

Secondly, how engaged is your team likely to be implementing decisions that they had no input in? Not very! Trust me that will impact on how your decisions and strategies are implemented.

Learn to Be Vulnerable

From a Talent Dynamics perspective, different profiles can really add value especially when it comes to more complex decisions and strategies.

A big problem in leaders looking to make decisions on their own is that they’re not benefitting from other’s different perspectives, let alone specific expertise that they may lack.

A key lesson for all is that many of the best leaders like to surround themselves with people who will challenge them and sometimes even change their mind. They don’t see this as a weakness. They know that power doesn’t really come from being a know-all. It comes from getting the best results. As we say at Talent Dynamics:

It’s not about being right, it’s about getting it right!“

For instance:

  • An Accumulator can add great insight to a Creator about what could go wrong on a project.
  • A Star can help a Mechanic to engage others regarding their new and improved systems.
  • A Trader can help a Star to launch that new product at the right time and right price.
  • A Lord can help improve cashflow to provide the resources for further growth. (In fact, one of our Performance Consultants capitalised on their Lord team member to recover AUS $100k of outstanding debt in one only one month!)

People have been talking ‘team‘ for generations. How many are really living it though? And if you are, then you won’t mind asking your team how you could utilise their advice even more…




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Jans Corner: Bringing Ideas to Life

Good business ideas are always welcome. And sometimes there is even an abundance of them. But even the most revolutionary idea is of little use and benefit if not implemented. This is a well known fact and not rocket science, of course. Still what is common knowledge is not common practice. Why?

Implementation – a word often used in meetings and presentations – become something like a broken record. Partly due to overuse many seem to become immune to it, others are resisting it as, let’s be honest, implementation can mean a lot of work. And for what? It is easier to talk about it then to go and uhm, implement it?

When you look at the origins of implement as verb, you will find that it comes from a Latin word implementum which means to fill up, to fulfill. Implementing an idea is to fulfil on its promise and potential.

Not every idea may inspire us to fulfil on its promise and potential but there are at least a few that certainly do.

Did you know that inspire comes from Latin inspirare, which means “to breathe life into?”

When you are inspired to implement an idea, you bring it to life. This is not a mechanical intervention, but more of a natural next step in an organic process.

Bringing something to life successfully in enterprises and bold endeavours is not designed as a solo ride. For instance, you might have noticed that the best ideators (who originate the ideas) are not necessarily the best animators (to continue our linguistic adventure here, the word animateur comes from the French animer and means someone “who brings to life something”) and vice versa.

The Animateurs are those who bring to life new ways of thinking, seeing or interacting and create enthusiasm, energy and focus around them within teams and organisations. They express the essence of leadership – and embody both inspiration and trust needed to breath life into great ideas.

In Talent Dynamics we say that the best leaders are the Supporter profiles. Don’t get deceived by the name. Being an Animateur lies at heart of all Supporters. Fire-like energy, enthusiasm and drive to make things happen with others just wait to be awakened by a worthwhile idea, product or project. Along with empathy (being able to step into the shoes of other people and seeing their perspective and motives) they will take the lead and bring these to life in a way that engages others, builds trust and makes sure that the promise and potential is fulfilled…and you have fun along the way.

For your best ideas, projects and businesses, who are the best Animateurs in your team or organisation who could bring them to life? If you can find them and excite them you’ll see what happens when inspiration is ignited into bonfire.

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Talent Dynamics in Shortlist for Red Rose Awards 2012!

We’re delighted to annouce that we’ve been shorltisted to the finals for the Lancashire Business View, Red Rose Awards 2012!

We are finalists in the Start up Business and International Achievement Award categories. We’re now dusting off our posh outfits in preparation for the Awards event on the 15th March!

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Talent Dynamics Australia Website goes live today

Congratulations to our Major Partner in Australia, IPS People, who run the Master License for Talent Dynamics in Australia. They just ran their first Accreditation workshop on the Gold Coast last week and then today their new TD website went live in Australia, already kicking off with profile sales and enquiries, including a Taster Session being booked for a Chinese Delegation in March!

Now thats what we call Flow!

If you are based in Australia or would like to attend an Accreditation workshop in Australia, then contact the team in Brisbane directly!

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