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A moment in the spotlight

The Blackpool Gazette has just published an article on Michelle Clarke meeting the Prime Minister. To take a read, just click on the following link

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TD 2.0 launching at Fast Forward Your Business event in the UK next week!

Congratulations to the newest group of accredited TDPC’s from the UK! Here they are pictured with Master Trainer Jan and myself in Oxford.

By the way, we are super excited here at TDHQ! We thought we should let you know why!

We’ve been busy these past few months working closely with Roger James Hamilton, Creator of Wealth Dynamics and Talent Dynamics on the new and improved TD reports and TD book. The reports have doubled in content and value with information on leadership styles, environments, communication styles and much much more! Click here for more information about how you will be able to get your free upgraded report, if you have already taken a TD profile test with us in the past.

TD 2.0 will be ‘going live’ on the 6th September at the Fast Forward Your Business Events in London and Manchester, with Roger, along with his new book about Talent Dynamics!

I’m delighted to be going to both events with Roger, along with a group of our TD Consultants and we would love to see you there too! If you are in business and want to know how to build business exponentially whilst ‘future proofing’ it against the major waves of change coming our way, then come and join us for an amazing value packed day. There are still a few tickets available for both cities! Click here for more information and to access tickets for either  city

Here’s to a fabulously filled Flow month ahead!


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Jans Corner: Simply the Best!

London 2012 Olympic Game are over. Athletes and spectators from around the world have enjoyed these two spectacular weeks of games, competition and records.

We have seen that Usain Bolt is arguably the best sprinter in the world, and now an athletic legend. Michael Phelps is the planet’s best swimmer and by the count of gold medals the best olympic athlete in the history. American basketball team showed that they can put up a show as well as points when it mattered to claim yet another olympic gold.

It is tough to win the gold and therefore, it is adequately regarded and celebrated. It marks the reward for an arduous four-year journey and symbolises personal or team triumph. It is also a reason for great pride and celebration at the athletes’ home, wherever around the world that is.  And it is also a proof of being simply the best.

In business we like the sports metaphor – and it really comes alive during the Olympics or big tournaments. It can fuel us to be our best and motivates us during the time of uncertainty and challenge.

Yet frequently the sports metaphor brings along severe limitations and distortions when applied (or presumed) in enterprises, teams or business interactions. We can say that like a unleashed dog it can turn back to bite us.

As a result businesses obsess about winning in the market at all cost (mostly to their stakeholders and the environment), teams experience undesirable yet somehow unavoidable internal competition that wastes time and energy, and individuals give more attention to being right and defending their opinions and interests than doing their best.

The focus becomes winning and beating the competition not providing value, being of service to others and collaborating to effectively make a difference. Trapped in the competitive metaphor we are losing sight of the bigger picture which we are part of and our business’ primary purpose – to serve people and society.

:: What if, as a business, instead of seeking to be the best in the world, we sought to be the best FOR the world?

:: What if, as a team, instead of seeking to be the best in the business, we sought to be the best FOR the business?

:: What if, as individuals, instead of seeking to be the best in the team, we sought to be the best FOR the team?

You get the idea. Being best for the world is a very different context and metaphor for leading and operating in business than being a winner.

When I first heard Richard Barrett, the British social commentator on the evolution of human values in business and society, coin this phrase I saw the exciting possibilities of what we can accomplish together by seeing the big picture as well as how our experience can shift in everyday business by asking just slightly different questions.

What possibilities can you see when you try this on?

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Una’s spotlight: Being competitive or bullying?

Did you know that the original meaning of to compete is ‘to serve better’?

Not according to South Africa’s communications company Telkom, which was fined £35M for using it’s dominant market position to “bully” competitors (see the recent BBC news story).

As a fixed line operator the company was battling against mobile operators and retaliated by charging too much for internet access.

A fair response some might say but is it really? When people – and their organisations – feel desperate, feel a big sense of lack then that is probably the space that they are going to respond from.

But where does that leave the customer? What impact does that have on innovation in the marketplace when one organisation looks to block competition?

The fact is that when it comes to David and Goliath situations in business, these days David has a good a chance as any. The internet has lowered barriers to entry in many markets and social media facilitates huge followings where there is strong passion and a great idea.

Anybody who has the drive and the will can deconstruct an industry and change the marketplace. Your industry could be next if it isn’t happening already…

Telecoms is one typical example of such massive change and there are many more. For instance what happens when lots of people are getting much of their energy from their buildings (via solar panels, etc) and selling it back to the utilities companies? Will the utilities change their focus to renewable energy and/or helping home owners and businesses to be more green? Or perhaps they’ll enter new industries that they can add value to in the way they did in their current market.

Thinking this is a bit extreme? The typical response to a new idea is for people to laugh and pour scorn, then a few people respond positively while others shake their heads in wonder and finally everybody accepts it as a way of life.

The fact is that any new idea with merit will eventually happen – ignoring it is not the solution, not in the long term anyway.

So what if your focus was less on blocking your competition and more on the ways that you could add more value to your customers? That is how to have a bigger share in the marketplace.

The one thing that will put you and your organisation ahead of the game is to be playing on a different field entirely. Do it right and suddenly you’ll find that you have more loyal spectators coming to see you play.

Perhaps in doing this you may even discover what you thought of as your biggest competitor, could actually be your greatest ally…

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TD 2.0 Launching very soon…

I wanted to give you some prior notice of an exciting update! Over the past few months, Roger and the team here at TDHQ have been working on the development of the Talent Dynamics Profile reports.

We’re calling it TD 2.0!

The updated report, as well as all of what you have come to expect, now also contains:

Explanation on Value and Leverage

The leadership style of your profile

How you communicate with others and the best way to get into Flow

The best environments for your profile to flourish

The emotional needs of each of the Frequencies

There is now information on all 8 profiles as well, so you can see at a glance an overview of the others in your team…

and much much more!

It’s grown from 10 to 18 pages and is packed with even more content about your profile!

We are letting you know now, as early in September, we will contact you to let you know that we are almost ready to go live with TD 2.0 and before we do that, as you have already taken a profile test with us previously, we want you to be able to download the new version of your own report, absolutely free.

The opportunity to download the new report for free will be available for a limited period only, so please don’t miss it.

In addition, we will also be gifting you a free copy of the new book that Roger and I have created about Talent Dynamics.

Look out for the updates coming from us in the next few weeks as you will have exclusive access to the new reports and the TD book before anyone else sees them!


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