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TDHQ December news

It’s been a busy month with accreditations taking place in Talent Dynamics, Talent Dynamics for Young People and Talent Dynamics for Sales, with both online and in house events.  Congratulations and welcome to all of our new Flow and Performance Consultants!

We’ve also just had our TDHQ Christmas party and are all feeling very festive!

Let me take this opportunity also to wish you and your family a Very Merry Christmas and a flow filled 2014!


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Una’s Spotlight: Successful Change

Una Doyle of Talent Dynamics shares how understanding the Talent Dynamics Profiles and connected energies can affect successful change

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They say youth is wasted on the young.

Janine Clark – Master Trainer

Well with talent dynamics that doesn’t need to be the truth. 

Since completing my talent dynamics training I’ve been having a fabulous time achieving new levels of insight with clients but how many of us just can’t help going home and sharing this with our nearest and dearest, the people we love the most. Here’s how talent dynamics is helping my young man not waste his youth.

My son is a 6ft 3 bundle of ‘Supporter’ energy.

Did we know he was a supporter? No. He’s made it to head boy in his school and his charisma, engaging nature and ability to inspire people to use their potential, and his loving insight into people could have given it away, but we didn’t know…

So how has knowing helped him?

Being young and a supporter is a challenge, he has a natural ability to feel for people yet hasn’t had the time to build the sophistication he needs to maximise his ability. The biggest thing the knowledge has given him is a sense of why he does what he does, the way he does. What it has given me as his Mum (read free resident coach) is an understanding of how to help him balance his care of others, and his empathy, with care for himself. It’s allowed a discussion about boundaries and where supporting others becomes a sell-out of himself.

In a matter of weeks I can see that he has a much better strategic ability to see the big picture of how he can make a difference, and really look after himself too. The knowledge of his profile has allowed me to offer very specific and gentle dialogue to learn life lessons now, rather than at the other side of some pain and disappointment. It’s also allowed him to see the true value of his nature, what he brings to each situation.

So is it more that ‘Youth is wasted on the young who don’t have the insight into being in flow?’

I’m one Mum who thinks so. 

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Put your trust in new business for the new!

Nicci Bonfanti Master Trainer TD for sales

It’s the busiest time of year, no doubt about that : your social calendar is the busiest at this time of year, everyone in the household has events going on, you’re winding down your business for the year and aiming towards your well earned holiday for a couple of weeks.

It’s easy with all that going on to think that you can worry about 2014 when it gets here!

But a little bit of planning and “seeding” of ideas with your clients now could go a long way to making next year successful from the offset. By building on the trust you have in your business now means you don’t start the new year with a blank diary and empty pipeline of prospects.

Dynamo profiles are trusted for their innovation

Your clients may be wondering what new ideas you’ve got for next year, so give them a taster now in anticipation of any launches you have planned for 2014. You don’t have to be explicit or have all the details – just get a launch date in their diaries and something to think about so you are in their minds over the Christmas break.

Blaze profiles are trusted for their people skills and the loyalty they inspire in others.

If you are a Blaze profile, who do you know targets a similar audience to you and you trust them to give a good service to your clients?  You could team up with someone and bundle your services or offer your services to each other’s clientele. Approach your potential Joint Venture partners now over a Christmas drink to sow the seed of the idea and book follow up meetings for the new year.

Tempo Profiles are trusted for their customer service and timely delivery.

I had to ask my Tempo friends about this!  What they are doing is following up all outstanding leads, tidying up loose ends, not to keep anyone hanging around for an answer over the Christmas break. And planning a campaign to catch up with all contacts who haven’t been contacted for the last 6 months. Consider a New Year’s greeting card or gift for your key clients or prospects so it stands out instead of getting lost amongst all the others before Christmas.

Steel profiles are trusted for their analytical skills and attention to detail.

This is the time for closing the business, reconciling the books even if it isn’t your company year end. This analysis can help your planning for next year. Analyse all the clients you have worked with this year, see which products or services have been your best selling and plan how you can use that analysis  for planning new campaigns for growth for 2014. You could send your clients a report of it so they are aware of all the services you do that may be relevant to them.

Where is the trust in your business? What can you do now in the last few working days of the year that will ensure you are in your prospects’ minds as soon as business is open in the New Year?

Then you can relax over the holidays! Merry Christmas.

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Something for Christmas!

Did you know that Talent Dynamics hosted the first Trust Conference this past September?  Did you miss it?

Did you attend but found it impossible to keep up with all the value the speakers delivered?

Wouldn’t it be GREAT if you could revisit the Trust Conference and pause it for you to catch up?!


Our Gift to You!

We’ve gone Christmas Crackers! In the spirit of the season of goodwill, we are making ALL the videos from the Trust Conference available for you to watch.  But they won’t be here for ever!  They will soon be added to the amazing library of content available on the TRUST Test.

The Videos

There is so much value in what the speakers delivered we had to make it manageable for you.  Each video is broken down into bite sized sections around topics.  You can watch them one after the other or skip ahead.

Paul Dunn ‘The Power of Small’

Paul gave a fantastic talk about how the little things can transform businesses and organisations:

  1. Trust is Connection
  2. Connection is Purpose
  3. Unconventional Practice
  4. Trust is Connection
  5. Imagine

Richard Barrett ‘Building a Culture of Trust’

Richard provided us with academic insight into what Trust is and how we can use it in business culture:

  1. Definition of Trust
  2. Evolution of Trust
  3. Measuring Culture
  4. High Trust Organisations
  5. The Trust Matrix

Shaa Wasmund ‘Trusted Partnerships’

Shaa shared her story and tips for building trusted partnerships:

  1. Building Trust
  2. Sustainable Trust
  3. Trust in Business
  4. Trust Makes You Fierce!
  5. Trust & Connections

Daniel Priestley ‘Trusted Personal Branding’

Daniel outlined the steps you need to take to become a Key Person of Influence in your industry:

  1. Time of Change
  2. New Business Size
  3. A New Age
  4. Personal Brands
  5. 5 KPI’s
  6. Publish & Productise
  7. Profile & Partnership

Helen Urwin ‘The Secret of Creating Brand Trust’

Helen revealed the key ingredients for a business to become a brand that people trust.

  1. Sense of Purpose
  2. Trust = Certainty
  3. Conversations
  4. Brand Inspiration

Sue Swanborough ‘Building Trust in Organisations’

Sue stepped us through how General Mills built trust in their organisation and the results they achieved.

  1. Trust is a Privilege
  2. Planning the Trust Journey
  3. Conversations on the Journey
  4. Leadership & Culture
  5. Trust Conversations
  6. Approach to Conversations
  7. Myths & Truth of Trust

Roger James Hamilton ‘The 5 Levels of Trust’

Roger mixed personal stories with his innovative approach to show how talent grows trust and how trust grow talent:

  1. Trust and Rowing
  2. That Sinking Feeling
  3. Out of Trust
  4. The Moral of the Story
  5. Learning from Nature
  6. Your Primary Purpose
  7. The Parable of Talents
  8. Measuring Talent
  9. Trust Energies
  10. Value and Leverage
  11. 8 Talents

That should keep you going  WELL into the New Year!

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Doubling the size of your Training Business in 2014

Vicky Jennings joined Talent Dynamics as a Performance Consultant in March 2011, having already built IPS, a very successful Registered Training Organisation in Australia. Very soon after that, Vicky also took on a Master License in Talent Dynamics, allowing her to train and accredit other Performance Consultants across Australia.

By implementing Talent Dynamics principles in her own training business and by helping clients see significant results, Vicky saw revenue double in her own company within 6 months and then increase more than 10 fold within 2.5 years to become a multi million dollar company!

To find out more about how you can use Talent Dynamics to double your growth in 2014 contact for a free consultation


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The importance of Connection at Christmas

Talent Dynamics has been a lifetime member of B1G1 since we started. I’ve always believed in giving whatever you can give. Money, time or resources. Whatever can make a difference to someone else’s life and I’ve always had my businesses support that in someway in the past as well.

When I found out that less than 7% of all giving, was from businesses, I was shocked. I wanted to make a stand overtly with Talent Dynamics and help to reverse that trend. So we started to let others know we give through B1G1. We even give certificates to our accredited consultants so they know that it was their participation that had enabled the giving.

and the best bit… its not about signing £1000 cheques. In fact, with B1G1, the giving starts with as little as 10 cent. You (or your customers can) choose the amount and the impact you want to make.

100% goes to the project too. B1G1 have set it all up that way.

Every time someone buys a Talent Dynamics Profile Test from us, we give water to a family.

Every time someone completes an accreditation workshop with us, we educate a child in India for a month and so on…

1 Million Giving activities

We found out recently, that through our efforts and the friends we have introduced to B1G1, over 1 million giving activities have occurred! We are all really proud of the community that have been a part of this amazing contribution and connection.

As it closes to Christmas, a traditional time of giving, as a business owner or leader, I urge you to take another look at where your business can be even more connected in a way that’s meaningful to you, your customers and the team that work with you.

Please do check out B1G1 

Thank you and a very Merry Christmas!




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Jan’s Corner: Business Thanksgiving

This is the week that most Americans sit down around the table with the people they love to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is one of the national holidays that reunites families and allows them be present and thankful to each other, for each other as well as for what they already have.

My Own Thanksgiving

I really like the idea of stopping and giving thanks. More than fifteen years ago I was fortunate to have experienced the celebration with my friends and distant family in California.

It was much more than just dining with people I cared about and eating a large roasted turkey with mashed potatoes and a abundance of other types of food that filled the dinner table. In the atmosphere of the day I felt nourished at a much deeper level. The sacred and festive aura of the day expanded my sense of belonging, accomplishment, and commitment to what mattered most.

Team Thanksgiving

With the hindsight I wonder what if Thanksgiving was not just a practice and holiday that American families celebrate once a year? What if we could embrace this powerful idea and practice it regularly in our teams and within our businesses?

Yes, I might sound obvious or even trivial. However, how many opportunities do you allow yourself and your team to stop and just be together with the sole agenda of being thankful? Thankful for having had a chance to working towards a shared vision. Thankful for and present to everyone’s commitment and contribution. Thankful for what you have accomplished. Thankful for the opportunity to be and work together.

I know there are many corporate and team retreats where celebrating successes and acknowledging employees is on the agenda. However, what I suggest is maybe a bit deeper.

What if thanksgiving was not just a part of the agenda but the full agenda once, twice or several times a year?

In a way that encourages presence not just presentation, belonging not just gathering and appreciation of all not just praise of some.

Moreover, what if thanksgiving became a part of how everyday business done in your
team? In a way that thanksgiving and appreciation is given in small and frequent ways on a daily basis – many of its forms.

One Part of A Whole

As business is such an important aspect of our lives, our growth and our individual and collective contribution, I believe that equally here we would all truly benefit from the same sacred and festive aura of Thanksgiving to expand our sense of belonging, accomplishment, and commitment to what matters most as I did and many others have been experiencing with our friends and family on the special day.

Gandhi said that “there is more to life than simply increasing its speed.”

And the same is valid in business. Giving thanks may sometimes seem to slow things down, but because it reignites from within it might be one of the best investment that you make.

Thank you for reading and happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates it!

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Nicci’s Call: Are you an Annoyer, an Avoider or a Trusted Advisor?

By Nicola Bonfanti – Talent Dynamics for Sales

When it comes to promoting your business, are you an Annoyer, an Avoider or a Trusted Advisor?


An Annoyer is a “typical” sales person; always focused on selling and promoting, talks far more than he or she listens, will have a sale in mind when they talk to you and won’t let up until you cave in.


They may mean well and genuinely think they have a good offer for you but are not putting your needs first so you feel used and abused.

They have been taught to put their sales targets before your needs and you can sense it, can’t you?  That’s what gives salespeople a bad name and could turn good people into becoming Annoyers.


An Avoider is typically someone who has been forced into a sales position and is not comfortable. They would much rather do what they love than promote and sell their services.

They don’t want to spoil any relationships they may have built up through networking or marketing by actually asking for the sale.

They are actually putting their own fear of rejection and bruised ego ahead of genuinely serving their client as they too are not putting the needs of their client first but being self-centred!

Trusted Advisors

A Trusted Advisor is someone who listens, who has a genuinely good product or service and takes the time to find out their prospect’s needs and desires to see if their service is a good fit.

It’s a collaboration, a dialogue rather than a monologue, a graceful conversation that ends in 2 people deciding if, when, where and how to do business together that will work for both parties.

Talent Dynamics for Sales

Any Talent Dynamics profile type can be a Trusted Advisor, it’s knowing not only where your value and trust lie but also knowing the predominant energy of your prospect.

Advising Dynamo prospects on the benefits of your product will involve sharing with them the big picture of introducing ‘it’ into their company and their role in it.

Their significance and the recognition for their “wins” are what drives Dynamos so help them visualise what that will mean for them personally and for their teams.
Blaze prospects will always be aware of the impact of implementing anything new on others so work with them to find a plan to introduce it to their teams.

Blaze prospects will appreciate being listened to and their stories will tell you who are the key decision makers and instigators of change in the organization.

Tempo prospects need proof that this has worked successfully before.

Make full use of the testimonials and case studies that you have amassed, particularly in similar industries to that of your Tempo prospect.

Steel prospects will be focused on the results you have had and will need reassuring that this is not a risky project.

Find out what measures and KPIs are important to the Steel prospect and show them how implementing your product can help them measure and improve the team performance in those areas.

Which sales type are you?

Nicola heads up the Talent Dynamics for Sales Training and has a simple free test on her website if you are not sure if you are an Annoyer, an Avoider or a Trusted Advisor.

Nicola’s clients describe her as having something “special” that makes them feel they can conquer the world! Her training and coaching programmes build on developing self knowledge and self confidence so that every client is able to achieve more in terms of building their business, managing their team and achieving their goals.

Email: niccibonfanti(at)btinternet(dot)com
Mobile: +44 77 34361923
Follow Nicci on Twitter: @NicciBonf

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TDHQ November news

Let me start by congratulating our 3 new Master Trainers, Susan Castle, Janine Clark and Steve Linder,  who have recently been accredited and are now themselves, training Flow Consultants in the Middle East, Europe and the USA respectively.

Susan Castle, Janine Clark, and Steve Linder pictured with Trainer Teejay Dowe


In November, I was mentoring at Roger Hamilton’s Wealth Dynamics Masters programme. I  was delighted to have Teejay Dowe and Rebecca Mitchell from Talent Dynamics for Young People join me, alongside a global group of Entrepreneurs, for what was a week of intensive and inspired business planning for 2014!

Wealth Dynamics Masters November 2013


We had 2 other important events in November. Our annual Global Partner Conference, with 40 of our Consultants from all around the world, congregating in the UK, for news of the Talent Dynamics plans for 2014… More on these plans and how you can benefit, from the exciting new events and products in the coming months!

Congratulations are also in order for our 8 new Step 2 Performance Consultants, who were accredited in Preston last week and are now accredited to run our Meaningful, Measurable, Profitable Change 3 day programme. MMPC (as we like to call it for short) helps organisations double their results within 12 months and is a really exciting paradigm shifting programme to participate in!


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