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Launch of the TRUST test with Roger James Hamilton


Today I’m excited to announce that The TRUST Test is finally ready for our friends and clients to take! You will be amongst the first in the world to take the test and receive the results ahead of the Global Launch later in July. There is also a fabulous opportunity to receive an explanation from myself and Roger about what your results mean and how you can personally increase the levels of TRUST others have in you!

The TRUST test is a free facebook app that measures where you are most Trusted and where you are least Trusted.

As well as taking the test for yourself, you can have your friends and colleagues take it for you… so you can see what they think about where you are most Trusted!

Roger James Hamilton is a futurist, best selling author, social Entrepreneur and Creator of the Wealth and Talent Dynamics Pathway.

He will be explaining on this interview:

The 5 levels of TRUST and how to access them

Where you are most and least TRUSTED by others

How to increase the level of TRUST others have in you, to create significant improvements in business performance

Here’s what you need to do to get access:

  1. Click the link below and register for the live interview that I’m hosting with Roger James Hamilton at 8.30am on Tuesday 9th July.

Register here

  1. You’ll then receive an email with a link to get instant access to be one of the first people in the world to take The TRUST Test!
  2. Attend the live online interview at 8.30am on Tuesday 9th July.

Remember: the only way to be one of the first people to get access to the TRUST test is to register for the interview on 9th July. Once this has been done, you will recieve a link to take the test!

Here’s where you can register your place and be the first to take the test

‘See’ you Tuesday morning…


PLEASE NOTE: The recording of this interview will not be made available afterwards. The only way to listen is to be on the live call!

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The TRUST test

We’re really excited at TDHQ! At the end of July we are launching the TRUST test! but you can already take the test for yourself and discover where you are most/least trusted before the official launch!

The TRUST test is a free facebook app that measures where you are most Trusted and therefore able to add the most Value to your team and organisation and where you are least trusted. As well as taking the test for yourself, you can have your friends and colleagues take it for you as well so you can see what they think!!

Once you have taken the TRUST test you will be able to access all kinds of cool and specific tools that help you to personally work on the way you increase the levels of TRUST others have in you!

Click here to take the TRUST test today

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Unas Vlog: Getting into Flow by letting Go

In this months Vlog. Una explains how each of the different frequencies can get into Flow by letting go of something…


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Talent Dynamics launches into China!

I’m really excited to announce that so quickly after last months launch into Taiwan, Dr Brian Schwartz and his team are now translating and launching Talent Dynamics into China as well.

Brian and his team have joined our highly skilled Master License Holder/Trainer set and will be running their first Flow Consultant Accreditation, in China, in September 2013!

Dr. Schwartz is a psychologist and a leading expert in the fields of Career and Talent Management with a practice that extends 37 years and includes over 1700 career planning clients, over 500 executive assessments and several thousand additional assessments and coaching assignments in corporate and university settings.

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Stephen MR Covey interview

On Monday 24th June at 5pm I’ll be interviewing New York Times and #1 Wall Street Journal best seller Steven M R Covey!

Click here to register now

Covey’s book ‘The SPEED of Trust’ has changed the landscape of how we look at the way we do business, and on this exclusive interview, Stephen will explain how trust drives employee engagement, enables success in the midst of change, and is the greatest leverage for executing your top priorities.

You really won’t want to miss this interview – LIVE at 5pm on Monday 24th!

Click here to register your place

‘See’ you there,


PLEASE NOTE: The recording of this interview will not be made available afterwards. The only way to listen is to be on the live call!

Register now


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Live interview with best selling author!

I’m excited to announce that on Thursday 13th June at 5pm GMT I’ll be interviewing best-selling author and Trust Conference speaker, Daniel Priestley – and you get to listen in for free!

You can get all the details about the live interview and  register your place on the call here.

Daniel is a successful entrepreneur and international speaker who specialises in marketing, promotions and personal branding. Daniel started out as an entrepreneur in 2002 (at age 21) and built a multi-million dollar event marketing and management business before age 25. He has since built several successful businesses in the UK, Australia and Singapore.
On Thursday’s interview Daniel will be sharing:

  • The trends you can expect to see in 2013/2014 – and how they will affect your business
  • How he’s used trust-based marketing to build a multi-million pound business
  • Why the personal brand of an entrepreneur is of paramount importance – and how you can create a powerful personal brand for yourself
  • PLUS Daniel will be revealing how you can get a copy of his best-selling book ‘Becoming a key person of influence’ – completely free!

If you want to improve the levels of trust people have in yourself as an individual, and in your organisation as a whole, I strongly recommend you attend this free online interview. Due to bandwidth restrictions, places on the call are strictly limited, so be sure to register now to avoid missing out!

Get all the details and register your place here.


P.S. Please note that the recording of this interview will not be made available for you to listen to afterwards. The only way for you to get this information is to be on the live call, so put the time/date in your diary now!

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Improving Team Performance

We have looked at how we can go about measuring team performance. This is an integral part of performance management but simply knowing and sharing all the details of team performance won’t improve it.  There has to be a shared desire in the team to improve with results that also benefit each individual team member.

Consider the defence team of a football side made up of a goalkeeper and three defenders.  Using the measures from the last blog post we know that this team is good, not exceptional but competent enough.  We could ask the team to improve and they could nod and agree.  Chances are nothing happens.  We show the team stats and figures, to display where improvements can be made.  There might be surprises and nervous laughter.  They all nod and look at each other, they can do better… nothing happens.


This has nothing to do with not wanting to improve team performance.  If the team is already performing then chances are they are in a routine or pattern that ‘works’.  At least for them, right now.  Small adjustments to the routine will provide small improvements over a short period of time but won’t result in significant change.  The routine is too strongly ingrained and old habits will start creeping back in.  There is the fear that by trying to improve they will ‘throw the baby out with the bath water’ and performance will drop.   They won’t ever  reach their potential by improving their team performance.

“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.” ~ Frank Zappa

The problem is that significant change comes with significant upheaval.  Because of this if an outside force imposes change on a team, the team will unconsciously (or consciously) resist.  The desire to improve team performance must come from every team member.  The desire for change must come from within the team to ensure that change is entrenched and followed through.  The best (and perhaps the only) way to bring the idea of significant change into the team’s thinking is to lead them to discovering it themselves.

Discovering Team Performance

It can be very hard for anyone to admit they find some things challenging.  In a similar vein, some people lack confidence in their own natural strengths to recognise they do things better than others.  The defence team might have a great goalkeeper who isn’t in goal while the actual goalkeeper would prefer to have more freedom to move around the pitch.  It might be quite difficult for them to own up to this as these are significant changes but could improve team performance significantly.  This is where the value of an impartial profile test can be used to establish things that team members may take for granted both about themselves and each other.

So this is the starting point for improving team performance.

  1. An understanding that to significantly improve performance, significant change must be undertaken
  2. Leading the team to a point where they discover significant change is needed
  3. Provide a foundation of self and team awareness using an impartial tool such as a profile test.

The next step is to gather the team together with the measurements that you have gathered and use these as supporting material rather than jumping off points.  The team as a whole needs to discuss and examine both their own roles and the other members roles and performance.  This should be done in a relaxed and objective matter with the focus being on improvement to the team rather than the individual.  Insights from the team members and guidance from the profile test results should allow the team members to volunteer ideas of how they can help the team function more effectively.

Rather than concentrate on small ideas, big ideas (significant changes) should be encouraged and developed.  Areas where team performance is currently being subconsciously hampered should be explored with team members encouraged to contribute ideas of solving problems.  Skills should not be dwelt upon to the exclusion of ideas but skill gaps should be identified.

The final step is to draw these ideas together under headings.  Going back to the defence team we already have three headings.

  1. Stop the opposing side from scoring
  2. Take the ball away from the opposing side
  3. Get the ball to the midfield team

Duplicates should be discarded and ideas should be placed under headings that will have the most impact.  The anticipated results should be discussed between the team members with some approximate quantitative measures put in place with timescales.  The results should not only look at the benefit to the team but the benefit to the individual team members.

This ensures that the team is focused on the significant changes towards improving team performance.  The changes have come from the team and they can see the benefits on making the changes.  This will mean that the changes are more likely to be implemented with a massive improvement in results.

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Birthday Party and Customer Appreciation Event


I’ve been invited to share the stage with Dan Bradbury at his 30th Birthday Party & customer appreciation event…

So pencil these dates in your diary right now (June 22nd and 23rd at London Heathrow)

If you’re already busy, perhaps you’ll want to rethink your schedule…

Even juggle things about…

Especially when you read about the event here:

You can choose any donation amount to get your ticket

I really think you’ll love the line up of speakers Dan has arranged:

Daniel Priestley will be revealing The ‘Entrepreneur Sweet Spot’ How To Have The Passion, The Money And The Inbound Enquiries

Daniel Wagner will be revealing How You Can Become Known As The ‘Go-To-Expert’ In YOUR Niche Almost Overnight!

Jeremy Harbour will be revealing all about growing your business without marketing (you bet that got my attention!)

Topher Morrison will be revealing 9 ways to profit from Business Coach Training

Nick James will be revealing his 5-step content delivery system that guarantees happy attendees AND sales!

I’m sure you’ll agree that’s an amazing line up of speakers!

Plus I’ll be revealing all about ‘Building Trust to deliver High Returns’ and

  • Why Trust is such an important Value to build in your organisation
  • How it directly impacts Business results
  • How can you personally improve the level of Trust others have in you
  • How you can measure the level of Trust you currently have in your organisation
  • Specific steps you can take to quickly and easily to improve Trust levels
  • And more…

So will you join me at Dan’s event?

Perhaps we can grab a coffee during the breaks and chat business?

To secure a spot – You can choose any donation amount to get your ticket

I almost forgot to mention all ticket sales are going to headways charity, so attending this event, not only will help your business grow, but YOU will be making a huge difference to so many people who benefit from the charity.

Michelle Clarke


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