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Values – an interview with Richard Barrett

Without question, Values-driven organisations are the most TRUSTed, and the most successful on the planet.

Companies like Apple, Amazon, and Virgin, PRIDE themselves on their core values.

But the question is, how do you make your organisation values-driven?

On Tuesday 6th August at 8.30am, I’m excited to be interviewing internationally recognised author Richard Barrett about how to build a values-based organisation.

Richard is a highly regarded thought leader and author on the subjects of values, culture and leadership in business and society.

Get all the information and register here.

On this exclusive call I’ll be asking Richard all about the 4 conditions for high employee engagement, and specific tools you can use to measure employee engagement in your organisation.

Click the link below to register your place on this free online interview.

I look forward to seeing you there!







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Recording of Interview with Paul Dunn – Earn Trust Dont Burn Trust!

Paul Dunn, one of the speakers at this years Trust Conference shared on this webinar how the ‘little things’ make such a huge difference and can literally either Earn Trust or Burn Trust!

Listen back now to the interview and enjoy!

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TDHQ July News

Hi there everyone,

With just 7 weeks to go until 850 people attend the worlds first Trust Conference, things are hotting up here at TDHQ as you can imagine!

With this months announcement of Helen Urwin and Shaa Wasmund joining us, we now have a full line up of totally amazing speakers, designed to inspire, share, teach, network and amaze you! If you haven’t yet got your tickets, please make sure you get them soon, as this event is quickly filling up! Click here to get your tickets today

We are moving offices next week, to somewhere with much more space for our expanding team. Please bear with us next week if we don’t get back to you as fast as we normally do… We will get back to you as soon as we are all connected up!

Oh and make sure you keep a space clear for my interview on 6th August at 0830 GMT with Richard Barrett. You can learn how the most successful organisations in the world are the values driven ones and how to create one!

Have you taken the brand new and free TRUST test yet? Over 1000 people already have. You can discover where you are most trusted by others and how you can use that to further build trust in the future. Click here to take the test today 

Have a flow filled month ahead! Michelle

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Case Study: CSTC Australia submitted by Vicky Jennings

Vicky Jennings is not just one of our accredited Performance Consultants in Australia. Vicky is actually the Master Trainer and Master License Holder in Australia.

Attached to this link is a case study from one of her clients CSTC construction skills training centre. 

Within 6 months of the one day workshop with Vicky, they have seen enrollments and revenues go up by 20% and with less staff they now have a greater output!

Read the case study here 


Vicky Jennings Master License Holder/Trainer for TD in Australia

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Official Launch of the Free TRUST test

We’re really excited at TDHQ! We have now launched globally the TRUST test. Over 1000 people have already taken the TRUST test and shared their results with their friends and colleagues for free and now you can take the test for yourself and discover where you are most and least trusted!

The TRUST test is a free facebook app that measures where you are most Trusted and therefore able to add the most Value to your team and organisation and where you are least trusted. As well as taking the test for yourself, you can have your friends and colleagues take it for you as well so you can see what they think!!

Once you have taken the TRUST test you will be able to access all kinds of cool and specific tools that help you to personally work on the way you increase the levels of TRUST others have in you!

Click here to take the TRUST test today

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Una’s Vlog: Destiny, Churchill & Your Business

“It is a mistake to look too far ahead. Only one link in the chain of destiny can be handled at one time” ~ Winston Churchill

In this vlog Una Doyle explains how Winston Churchill’s quote about the “links of destiny” applies to your business

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A Lord’s Story

Some of you may know me, some of you may not.  I’m David (DT) and I handle a great deal of the content that Talent Dynamics generates.  My business is a video and content marketing company.  Sounds creative?  It is.  Am I a Creator?


I’m a Lord.  I discovered this insight about myself 4 years ago and a great deal of things fell into place but not straight away.  I’m still thinking about what makes me a Lord and what it means to BE a Lord.  I thought it might be quite useful to share what I’ve come up with so far and start a discussion that would be beneficial to others.


Profile Test

I always thought of myself as quite creative so when I first took the Talent Dynamics profile test I thought, “Simple, I’m a Creator.  It is after all… what I do“.  I had managed to read about all the 8 profiles (this, I didn’t know, was a very Lord thing to do) and this seemed to be the best fit.

… then I found out I was a Lord.  All the other profiles had stuck with me a little but the Lord didn’t register when I first read it.  Don’t get me wrong I liked the sound of being a ‘Lord’ but what did it mean?

Re-reading the description it read a little… boring.  I managed cash and loved detail?  Well, yeah that was true but not earth shattering and certainly not as cool sounding as the Creator.  I was creative, worked in a creative business… how could I not be a Creator!?!

Then came my first insight…

“What I do and how I act are two different things”

You can get Lords in all different sectors and industries, they might be attracted to some more than others (it’s telling that when first starting my business I kept moaning I should have been an accountant) but they are not excluded from being creative or working in ‘unLordly’ areas (if there is such a thing).  Rather, how they approach what they do will be in a very Lordly way.  Methodical, disciplined and detailed.

I’ll give you an example that always makes people laugh:

I am not a very ‘quick’ person.  I have one speed.  My own. I hate being rushed or being on someone else’s timescale.  To be creative I need a certain amount of time in order to generate one or two ideas.  There is no ‘flash’ of inspiration for me but rather there is a process I follow of thinking, researching and developing.  I know exactly the minimum amount of time I need for this.  4 hours.  I know.  I timed myself and averaged the results.


What Creator would do that?  And that is the point of flow, or the path of least resistance.  You can do whatever you want.  You might even enjoy it.  But it still might not be easy for you. Maybe not your Flow.  I need four hours to generate the 1 or 2 ideas while the Creator could do it in 4 minutes.  I still do generate ideas but I’ll often work closely with Creators do get me started…

… on average that saves me 2 hours 🙂

A Lord in a ‘world’ of Creators

One of the reasons that I took the profile test 4 years ago was that the team at the time wasn’t as efficient (!) as I’d have liked and there were frequently ‘vigorous discussions’ that took a while to get through and left an atmosphere.  We all took the test.

They were all Creators.

Now Creator’s are great at starting things (the 4 minute rule from above) but not so great at finishing things.  They get easily distracted.  They have more great ideas and rush after them like so many dogs chasing cars.

For a Lord they were loose cannons.  Very powerful but unpredictable (and I do love certainty).  Now for the Creators they felt that I was too controlling and slow.  I ‘sucked’ the fun out of things and didn’t accept the the freedom they needed.  I was a straight jacket to spontaneity.

Then came my second insight.

“Lord’s control.  Data, Assets and Cash are solid.  Predictable.  People aren’t”

The problems were coming from the fact that although we liked each other, we didn’t understand each other.  We were all ‘right’ and 3 Creators against 1 Lord will always end in a win for the Lord (or at least a stalemate) because Lord’s are stubborn and worse can be a little arrogant because they have taken the time to know the detail (and think they know it all).

So I went back to the profile test descriptions and looked at my opposite profile.  The Supporter.  They are in most ways the exact opposite of the Lord.  They easily know and understand the people around them (because they like to talk… and listen) but can get carried away in conversation and miss the detail.  They also delegate really well, matching the task to the person who will not only do it well but enjoy it the most.  They involve the people in the decision to take on the task so they get buy in from them.

A Lord doesn’t do that.  Easily.  What I was doing was making decisions for the team, moving people around like they were assets with skills and abilities.  I didn’t consider that the Creator’s would want to talk.  Or more accurately I didn’t want to talk.

So I made a conscious effort to include people (even if I wasn’t comfortable doing that) and praise them for good work rather than saying words to the effect of ‘Satisfactory.  How can we do it better next time?’

The Oxymoron

And that’s the point about flow.  You can only reach the path of least resistance by helping others to be more effective, improving their performance rather than yours.  ‘You can’t get yourself into Flow, you can only get others into Flow’ BUT if you do just that, the chances are that those you help will help you get into Flow too.

I hope this has been useful.  Are any of you Lord’s or work with Lord’s (even if that is just  a suspicion)?  What are other Lord’s like?

I’ll let you guess how long it took me to ‘create’ this blog and what I did to ensure it took the least amount of time. 🙂


Fast Forward your Business UK – Sept 2013

I’m really excited to announce that my friend, colleague and mentor Roger James Hamilton will be back in the UK, with the freshest, up-to-the-minute, mind and belief challenging, top 10 most influencing waves that are about to hit us in business.

You’ll discover how to, by implementing certain strategies that are right for your specific business and utilising some of the latest technologies available today, accelerate your business to the top of your industry.

You will leave with a new level of inspiration for what you are doing or will be doing in your business from this moment on.

If you are truly ready to step up and make the change, then expect a massive result for you and your business in 2013.

Grab your super discounted tickets now, as we have a massive turnout for the event this year and I know some of you missed seeing Roger last year given we were sold out.

If you are already coming to the Trust Conference, you can get 50% off the General ticket, using this code: trustconf

Register Here:

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Why do you work so hard?

Why do you work hard?  For me, it’s about seeing people grow, find their flow and be successful in whatever area they choose to make a difference in the world.

One programme that makes a real difference in the lives of children is Green SuperCamp.

After hearing of the incredible outcomes from their recent programmes in Bali, I want to give a child YOU love the opportunity of a lifetime today!  The opportunity to lay a great foundation on which to build an amazing life!

How would you like YOUR CHILD to achieve an increase in reading speed of 141%?  What about an increase in overall academic skills of 55%?  Maybe you’d prefer an increase in confidence of 40%!  These results were achieved by students from around Australia at the Green SuperCamp programmes run over the last 14 months.

What about if all this cost you NOTHING to achieve?  Read on!

The Project from channel 10 in Australia featured Green SuperCamp and described it as “the new breed of extreme education giving students the edge”.

Green SuperCamp is giving you the chance to win a SCHOLARSHIP to their upcoming Senior Forum in Australia and I’d love it to be someone from the TD Community that gets that edge.  So, to be in the running, simply follow this link:

The competition closes on Monday 29th July, so be sure you enter YOUR CHILD before then.

Best of luck,


PS: A head start in life is a great advantage, so grab this one for a child you love. . .and please do share with other children you love too!

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New speakers announced for the Trust Conference

We are excited to announce the final line up of speakers now for the Trust Conference on the 10th September. What an event it is going to be. With Stephen MR Covey as the keynote speaker and a host of internationally recognised experts.

Over 500 people have already got their tickets organised. With only 350 tickets left now and 8 weeks to go to the event, they are selling out fast. Please make sure you already have yours in place!

Click here for details of all the speakers

This month we are delighted to be announcing the addition of both Helen Urwin and Shaa Wasmund to the inspirational line up.

Helen Urwin is a full potential branding expert and works with the worlds biggest and best known multi-national brands.

Shaa Wasmund is a serial entrepreneur/public speaker noted for her ability to create deep and trusted partnerships and relationships. Author of the UK’s no 1 best selling Business book!

Click here to make sure you have got your tickets for the conference 



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