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COMPETITION: Meet Stephen MR Covey at the Trust Conference!

We have an awesome opportunity for you!  3 People will win:

The Prize

  • A personal meet and greet with Stephen MR Covey at the Trust Conference on 10th September
  • A copy of a photo of you meeting Stephen on the day
  • A signed personalised copy of his best selling book The Speed of Trust
  • Oh and we will give you the VIP treatment all day long… You will be given a GOLD VIP ticket to the day (these are literally gold dust as they are all sold out!) You can mingle with all the speakers, the platinum sponsors and top VIPs on the day

How to Enter:

Simply share with Talent Dynamics “the reason why TRUST is important to you” and you could be in with a chance of winning one of these prizes

You can enter via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn with the following link:

Facebook: Share the link and tag @TalentDynamics with your reason

Twitter: ReTweet the link and tag @talentdynamics with your reason

LinkedIn: Leave your reason on the Talent Dynamics LinkedIn post

Closing Date

Only one entry per person will be accepted and we will review all the entries and pick the top 3 from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn on Wednesday 4th September at 5pm UK time.

Good luck everyone!


Who you spend time with…

…Is who you become!

You’ve probably heard this phrase before…

But stop and think about it for a second. If it really IS true that who you spend time with is who you become, then surely it makes sense – as a business leader – to try and surround yourself with as many other successful business leaders as possible!

By now, you’ve probably heard that the Trust Conference is nearly completely sold out.

But what you may not have realised is the extremely high calibre of business leaders who are attending. I’ve just uploaded the delegate list for you here:

Trust Conference Delegate List

CEO’s, Business Leaders, HR Directors, Heads of Talent Management, Employee engagement and some of the UK’s top training suppliers are in attendance already.

As you’ll see, we have some incredible delegates due to attend and join us on the day. Many organisations listed are bringing upwards of 10 people with them, to really embed the learnings back in the workplace.

So if you want to network and connect with some of the most successful business leaders in the UK, the Trust Conference is the perfect opportunity for you to do so.

If you haven’t already, you can still book your ticket here.

It really is going to be the networking opportunity of the year. 800+ Business leaders focused at the importance of Trust in Business. People like you, who share similar values with you, who see building trust as a high priority in todays ‘Trust Economy’

I look forward to seeing you there on the day!


PS: Here are all the details you need:

Date: Tuesday 10th September

Time: 8am-6pm

Venue: The Great Hall, Kensington Town Hall, Hornton Street, London, W8 7NX

IMPORTANT: If you have already registered but still haven’t been able to access your free bonuses and take the Talent Dynamics Profile test, please contact for help…


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Free Online Training Reveals The Upcoming Trends That Will Impact Your Business In The Next 6-12 Months!

Roger HamiltonOn Tuesday 27th August at 8.30am, world-renowned futurist and social entrepreneur Roger James Hamilton will be hosting a one-off online training call, giving you a preview of the trends that are likely to derail many businesses in 2014.

Roger is the creator of Wealth Dynamics & Talent Dynamics profiling systems, used by over 100,000 entrepreneurs to follow their flow. Each year, Roger meets with leading changemakers and entrepreneurs on his Fast Forward your Business events, held in Asia, Australia, UK and USA.

On this one-off training call, you’ll discover:

  • How to turn potential danger into huge opportunities for your business to gain exposure and increase profits
  • The biggest tech changes set to hit the market in 2014 – and what they mean for your business
  • The trends that are set to massively disrupt your industry (if you know what they are, you can make sure they don’t disrupt your business!)
  • …and much more!

The recording of this online training will not be made available. The only way for you to access this information is to be on the live call at 8.30am on Tuesday 27th August.

To secure your place, simply enter your name and e-mail.

Roger will also be joined by two special guests, who will be sharing their unique insights into the changes and trends that are most likely to impact your business in the next 6-12 months…

Michelle Clarke is the co-founder of Talent Dynamics, the number one Business development pathway for accelerating trust and flow in business. Talent Dynamics is on a mission to show you where your team’s value lies, how it can be unlocked and how you can share it with others to improve job satisfaction, productivity and most importantly the bottom line.


Nick James is the UK’s leading authority on marketing strategy and business growth for Coaches, Consultants, Speakers, Authors, and Trainers. As well as creating a multiple six-figure training business of his own, he’s also helped many other people to go from zero to six figures – fast!

If you want to avoid the challenges many businesses will fall into in 2014 – and turn them into opportunities for more exposure and profit, then be sure to book your place on this one-off training call.

Due to bandwidth restrictions, spaces are extremely limited, so be sure to register now to avoid missing out!

Register here >

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TDHQ August news

It really is just 3 weeks today that we run the worlds first Trust Conference in London with Stephen MR Covey as our keynote speaker. With a host of other internationally renowned experts in building Trust, including Sue Swanborough, HR Director of General Mills.

General Mills is one of the largest food companies in the world and an employer of choice and I’m really excited to be interviewing Sue on the 30th August to find out how, in General Mills, they practically implemented a very strong Trust Culture. So please, save the date in your diary and read more below to hear how to build trust from a truly practical perspective!

We already have 650 people booked to come to the conference, so please, if you are planning to be there with your team – book your tickets today, as places are limited 🙂

You can register for tickets here

Also, this thursday at 0830 for all women leaders, I’m being interviewed by globally recognised ambassador and coach of Extraordinary Women Bea Benkova. See below to book on this webinar.

Have a flow filled month ahead!



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The Trust Conference – 3 weeks to go!


With just 3 weeks to go until the highly-anticipated Trust Conference, it’s all ‘go’ here at Talent Dynamics HQ!

We currently have 650 people registered to attend, and with new registrations coming in every day it looks like tickets will be selling out very soon indeed.

If you haven’t already, you can still register here:

The Trust Conference

The Trust Conference is a one day training, designed to help business leaders explore the meaning and measure of trust. It draws together people who wish to understand and improve their levels of trust in business, and ultimately use trust as a tool to improve bottom-line profits.

When you attend, you’ll be learning from some of the world’s leading authorities on the subject of Trust in organisations, and for small businesses, including: Stephen M R Covey, Daniel Priestley, Roger James Hamilton, Helen Urwin, Mike Southon, Shaa Wasmund, Paul Dunn, Richard Barrett and Sue Swanborough.

Plus, you’ll leave with specific actions that you can implement in your business or organisation immediately to both measure and increase levels of trust, as quickly as possible.

Specifically, you will learn:

  • How to use trust to create and sustain high performing teams who love coming to work
  • How to turn trust from a soft idea into a hard business measure.
  • How it can accelerate business performance
  • Case studies of the effects of a lack of trust in organisations and markets.
  • Examples of businesses that are using the concept to achieve phenomenal success.

Remember – The Trust Conference is THE PLACE where the UK’s top business leaders congregate.

Get all the event information and register here:

The Trust Conference



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An interview with Sue Swanborough


On 30th August at 8.30am I’m excited to be interviewing one of the UK’s leading authorities on building a Trust Culture, Sue Swanborough.

Sue is the HR Director of General Mills – one of the largest food companies in the world (you may be more familiar with some of their brand names, Haagen Dazs, Old El Paso, Green Giant…)

If you’re a CEO or HR Director, and you want to build more trust and increase employee engagement in your organisation, this interview will really help you.

Register here

General Mills has implemented a world class Trust culture and is frequently on the ‘Best companies to work for’ awards lists, amongst others.

On this call, Sue is going to explain how building a Trust Culture has contributed to General Mills business success and what they do to maintain and continuously improve it.

Join me to find out:

  • How they built a Trust Culture
  • What worked, and what didn’t work!
  • The link between a high trust culture, employee engagement levels and business results
  • How they maintain and continue to build a high trust culture
  • The practical steps you can follow in your business/team that really work

Register here





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Jans Corner: Trust is in the air

Trust is one of those invisible forces, like the wind. We cannot see it but we can feel it.

Like the wind, trust can blow extra air into our sails when we need to get things done. Like the wind, trust can clear clouds of misunderstanding in important conversations preventing  stalemates and conflicts. Like the wind, we can observe what is possible and how things flow when trust is present and what happens when it is missing – personally and in the business.

Despite the critical role trust plays in the business it remains a tricky subject in practice. Many managers would easily admit that having trust in business is important. However, because it is apparently hard to measure as objectively and readily as quantifiable variables, like financials, we often times make decisions that destroy or impair trust – with our colleagues, suppliers, customers or communities – and thus immediately or with some delay severely impair or even completely destroy our team performance, business results as well as the responsiveness, ingenuity and contribution of pivotal people around us.

Put very simply, without trust there is no sustainable business. What enhances trust enhances business, even if it is not visible straight away, and vice versa. We know that with low trust, everything lasts longer, costs more and flows less. So ignoring trust or putting it on the back burner could be a serious mistake of any business.

Organisations like Google, Apple, or Ocado (home delivery service in the UK) have shown that focus on continually building and growing trust with key people and parties involved makes very good business sense. They are willing to leave money and “irresistible” business opportunities on the table if it could impair trust and the quality of relationships with the these important constituents now and in the future. They know that even in the times of difficult trade-offs, imperfect information, unintentional mistakes and fast-moving changes, maintaining and restoring trust is pivotal to their thriving place in the market, engagement of their talent, performance under pressure and prospects for their future.

Focusing on and measuring trust is not just in the domain of the large and innovative companies anymore. Currently there are many ways to measure, and consequently cultivate trust on a regular basis for everyone – from simple and playful tools like the TRUST test on Facebook that gauges how people create value and most naturally build trust to more complex 360 tools that engage entire teams and organisations to monitor and accelerate their trust and flow quarter by quarter, month by month, and even day by day.

If trust is so important for your business and teamwork choose to regularly pay attention to it, track it, measure it – in all the key business relationships. You will find that it becomes the perfect catalyst for you make to magic happen in your business and keep it moving forward with both great speed and lasting joy – like the blowing wind moves the sailboat swiftly along its journey on the sea.


Smarta 100 awards for business

I am delighted to remind you that our great friends at Smarta have launched their annual Smarta 100 Awards and there is only two weeks left to send in your entry. It is free to enter and there is a prize pool of £20,000 up for grabs.

Smarta was founded by digital entrepreneur and best selling author Shaa Wasmund, as the  innovative advice platform for SMEs and their annual Smarta 100 Awards are hugely influential.  Find out more and put your entry in by August 31st. Every entry will receive a free business boosting ebook too!

Enter at

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DT’s Tower: How Computer Games Helped My Business

Dawn of War

I have a confession to make.  I have recently become addicted to a computer game called ‘Dawn of War’.  This blog post is a blatant attempt at rationalising the hours I spend huddled over my laptop getting quizzical looks from my other half.

‘Dawn of War’ is an RTS (a Real Time Strategy game) where you take command of an army and have to not only fight a battle but manage and build your resources.  I find it completely engrossing and although it can be challenging (I won’t use the word ‘stressful’ because… it’s “only” a computer game) I find myself afterwards refreshed and energised.

The Point

As a Lord profile I resonate with the detail.  Small decisions and minor changes with huge impact is what I love.  In addition I’m introverted, which means although I can work as part of a team, I like my own company.  This is what gets me into ‘Flow’ (hence why time vanishes, I switch off the game feeling energised… and my better half has been ignored for 3 hours).

After a few marathon sessions of this game over a weekend I dragged myself into work.  And I noticed something.

My thinking was clearer, I could make decisions faster (and for a Lord THAT is no mean feat… I’ve let people go in front of me in the coffee shop as I decide what I want) and I found myself prioritising faster with better effect.

Although this ‘game’ is just that, it actually helped me perform my accountabilities more effectively.  In essence it is like a ‘work out’ for me as a Lord, training myself to manage resources, make decisions under pressure and have confidence that those decisions are the right ones.

… at least that is what I told my partner 😀

Find your Flow

Now not everyone likes computer games and I’m not suggesting that you go out and buy ‘Dawn of War’ (even though it is BRILLIANT) but consider your profile and what you do to relax and enjoy yourself, the kind of enjoyment where time flies and you are completely refreshed.

Then think about what it is about that activity that connects with your profile.  I bet (not money, I’m a Lord don’t you know?) that something about your hobby, interest or past time connects with your profile.  This insight should help you to find your flow, not only to recharge out of work or business but IN business as you recognise those tasks that will give you energy rather than take it.

The next step is to talk with other profiles in your team or network.

See where you can help each other to stay in flow by taking those activities that fire you up and delegating those that flatten you out.  Give them to another profile who thinks that what you find taxing is the best thing since sliced bread.

Rationalisation (Confession) Over!

What profile are you?  What do you do to relax and how does that fit your profile?

And now of course I’ve made the computer game relate COMPLETELY to work 😀

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The Trust Conference – 4 weeks to go!

As you’ve probably heard by now, tickets for The TRUST Conference 2013 are selling out FAST! We now have over 600 people registered to be there.

Here is where you can get all the details and secure your seat:

When you attend, you’ll be learning from some of the world’s leading authorities on the subject of TRUST in organisations, including: Stephen M R Covey, Daniel Priestley, Richard Barrett, Roger James Hamilton, Helen Urwin, Mike Southon, Shaa Wasmund, Paul Dunn, and Sue Swanborough.

Click here for all the details:


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