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Jan’s Corner: Business Thanksgiving

This is the week that most Americans sit down around the table with the people they love to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is one of the national holidays that reunites families and allows them be present and thankful to each other, for each other as well as for what they already have.

My Own Thanksgiving

I really like the idea of stopping and giving thanks. More than fifteen years ago I was fortunate to have experienced the celebration with my friends and distant family in California.

It was much more than just dining with people I cared about and eating a large roasted turkey with mashed potatoes and a abundance of other types of food that filled the dinner table. In the atmosphere of the day I felt nourished at a much deeper level. The sacred and festive aura of the day expanded my sense of belonging, accomplishment, and commitment to what mattered most.

Team Thanksgiving

With the hindsight I wonder what if Thanksgiving was not just a practice and holiday that American families celebrate once a year? What if we could embrace this powerful idea and practice it regularly in our teams and within our businesses?

Yes, I might sound obvious or even trivial. However, how many opportunities do you allow yourself and your team to stop and just be together with the sole agenda of being thankful? Thankful for having had a chance to working towards a shared vision. Thankful for and present to everyone’s commitment and contribution. Thankful for what you have accomplished. Thankful for the opportunity to be and work together.

I know there are many corporate and team retreats where celebrating successes and acknowledging employees is on the agenda. However, what I suggest is maybe a bit deeper.

What if thanksgiving was not just a part of the agenda but the full agenda once, twice or several times a year?

In a way that encourages presence not just presentation, belonging not just gathering and appreciation of all not just praise of some.

Moreover, what if thanksgiving became a part of how everyday business done in your
team? In a way that thanksgiving and appreciation is given in small and frequent ways on a daily basis – many of its forms.

One Part of A Whole

As business is such an important aspect of our lives, our growth and our individual and collective contribution, I believe that equally here we would all truly benefit from the same sacred and festive aura of Thanksgiving to expand our sense of belonging, accomplishment, and commitment to what matters most as I did and many others have been experiencing with our friends and family on the special day.

Gandhi said that “there is more to life than simply increasing its speed.”

And the same is valid in business. Giving thanks may sometimes seem to slow things down, but because it reignites from within it might be one of the best investment that you make.

Thank you for reading and happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates it!

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Nicci’s Call: Are you an Annoyer, an Avoider or a Trusted Advisor?

By Nicola Bonfanti – Talent Dynamics for Sales

When it comes to promoting your business, are you an Annoyer, an Avoider or a Trusted Advisor?


An Annoyer is a “typical” sales person; always focused on selling and promoting, talks far more than he or she listens, will have a sale in mind when they talk to you and won’t let up until you cave in.


They may mean well and genuinely think they have a good offer for you but are not putting your needs first so you feel used and abused.

They have been taught to put their sales targets before your needs and you can sense it, can’t you?  That’s what gives salespeople a bad name and could turn good people into becoming Annoyers.


An Avoider is typically someone who has been forced into a sales position and is not comfortable. They would much rather do what they love than promote and sell their services.

They don’t want to spoil any relationships they may have built up through networking or marketing by actually asking for the sale.

They are actually putting their own fear of rejection and bruised ego ahead of genuinely serving their client as they too are not putting the needs of their client first but being self-centred!

Trusted Advisors

A Trusted Advisor is someone who listens, who has a genuinely good product or service and takes the time to find out their prospect’s needs and desires to see if their service is a good fit.

It’s a collaboration, a dialogue rather than a monologue, a graceful conversation that ends in 2 people deciding if, when, where and how to do business together that will work for both parties.

Talent Dynamics for Sales

Any Talent Dynamics profile type can be a Trusted Advisor, it’s knowing not only where your value and trust lie but also knowing the predominant energy of your prospect.

Advising Dynamo prospects on the benefits of your product will involve sharing with them the big picture of introducing ‘it’ into their company and their role in it.

Their significance and the recognition for their “wins” are what drives Dynamos so help them visualise what that will mean for them personally and for their teams.
Blaze prospects will always be aware of the impact of implementing anything new on others so work with them to find a plan to introduce it to their teams.

Blaze prospects will appreciate being listened to and their stories will tell you who are the key decision makers and instigators of change in the organization.

Tempo prospects need proof that this has worked successfully before.

Make full use of the testimonials and case studies that you have amassed, particularly in similar industries to that of your Tempo prospect.

Steel prospects will be focused on the results you have had and will need reassuring that this is not a risky project.

Find out what measures and KPIs are important to the Steel prospect and show them how implementing your product can help them measure and improve the team performance in those areas.

Which sales type are you?

Nicola heads up the Talent Dynamics for Sales Training and has a simple free test on her website if you are not sure if you are an Annoyer, an Avoider or a Trusted Advisor.

Nicola’s clients describe her as having something “special” that makes them feel they can conquer the world! Her training and coaching programmes build on developing self knowledge and self confidence so that every client is able to achieve more in terms of building their business, managing their team and achieving their goals.

Email: niccibonfanti(at)btinternet(dot)com
Mobile: +44 77 34361923
Follow Nicci on Twitter: @NicciBonf

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TDHQ November news

Let me start by congratulating our 3 new Master Trainers, Susan Castle, Janine Clark and Steve Linder,  who have recently been accredited and are now themselves, training Flow Consultants in the Middle East, Europe and the USA respectively.

Susan Castle, Janine Clark, and Steve Linder pictured with Trainer Teejay Dowe


In November, I was mentoring at Roger Hamilton’s Wealth Dynamics Masters programme. I  was delighted to have Teejay Dowe and Rebecca Mitchell from Talent Dynamics for Young People join me, alongside a global group of Entrepreneurs, for what was a week of intensive and inspired business planning for 2014!

Wealth Dynamics Masters November 2013


We had 2 other important events in November. Our annual Global Partner Conference, with 40 of our Consultants from all around the world, congregating in the UK, for news of the Talent Dynamics plans for 2014… More on these plans and how you can benefit, from the exciting new events and products in the coming months!

Congratulations are also in order for our 8 new Step 2 Performance Consultants, who were accredited in Preston last week and are now accredited to run our Meaningful, Measurable, Profitable Change 3 day programme. MMPC (as we like to call it for short) helps organisations double their results within 12 months and is a really exciting paradigm shifting programme to participate in!


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DT’s Tower: A Brand by Name

You might have been aware that Russell Brand stirred some controversy last month by not only showing up Jeremy Paxman on Newsnight but calling for a revolution.  I’ve never really ‘liked’ Russell Brand but I had to admit it was nice to hear someone speak up and say what a lot of people sometimes think.

I can promise you now that this isn’t going to be about politics… This is about a train of thought that finally FINALLY! allowed me to get my head around what it means to be a Star and the value they bring to the team.

Shrinking Violets and Shining Stars

As I might have mentioned, I’m a Lord.  I’m well and truly on the introverted side.  This doesn’t mean that I’m shy and retiring (far from it) but it does mean that the more time I spend in front of people the more it costs me in terms of energy.  To be quite frank, it knackers me out!

So I have always been perplexed by Stars, those people who draw energy from the attention of others.

Put them on the stage they glow, put them on the screen and they shine!

Stars = Marmite

I guess  you are looking at the screen and going ‘WHAT?’  Hear me out while I wax lyrical about that most divisive of sandwich spreads.  People LOVE or HATE Marmite.  There is no middle ground (I am personally a lover).


And this is where Stars truly shine and bring value to the team.

They are unafraid of stepping up and standing out, saying what others might fear or doubt to say.

In fact the more extreme the viewpoint they take on, the more the Marmite effect takes off.

Brand Awareness

Russell Brand started out as a stand up comic, moved into acting then shifted to presenting.  All of which you might say is typical Star fare.  However, in 2006 he started a column for the Guardian (admittedly focused on football) but after the London Riots in 2011 he penned a guest column criticising the government for their failure to tackle the root causes.

His appearance on Newsnight continued this shift in identity and it was while watching this interview and the subsequent reaction in the press, amongst other celebrities and the public that caused a metaphorical light bulb over my head.

The Lightbulb

“No press, no publicity… I’m a LORD!”

Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with Brand.  Regardless of whether you have even heard of him I doubt that you have missed the debate.

THIS is the power of the Star, the value they can bring.

Brand has shifted his identity (either on purpose or by instinct) from a stand up comic to a political commentator.

By doing that he has use his image to drawn attention to himself AND by association the issues he is talking about.  He has created political Marmite, whether you like or loathe you can’t help but talk about him.

Which of course plays into the Star’s strength, building a bigger platform and creating more value for their identity and the issues they are talking about now and will do in the future.  For us introverts, just thinking about doing something like this tires us out.

And that is why we need them.


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A Star Without A Stage

“Roll out the red carpet, bring on the crowd, set up the lights and lead the way to my stage.”

My name is Janine Clark and I’ve just spent a week learning that I’m a Star! To understand the relevance of that you need to go back to why I decided to learn about Talent Dynamics.

About Me

I’ve been working in the field of organisational development for over 20 years. I love people and I’ve committed my professional and personal life to learning how to support people to achieve their full potential and deliver fantastic results.

I was still loving what I do, making people the best that they can be but somehow a flame had gone out in my spirit.

As much as I looked I couldn’t find a light to lead me home, to reignite my inner flame and passion.


So what did I discover? In a nutshell I learnt that I’m a Star, with massive Dynamo and Blaze energy who had been trying to live and work like a Deal Maker. At some level I had come to believe that is what was needed to be successful in my role. The more I tried to be what I’m not, the less everything worked.

I stopped laughing and adding my bit of flair, drama and fun into each interaction. The more I gave up my stage, the more I gave up me and quietly died inside.

Talent Dynamics has supported me to know what I need, where I can shine again and how I can bring my magic to all the people I’m committed to both personally and professional.

The inner me has transformed from Pierrot the sad clown to Organisational Development’s answer to Patsy from Ab Fab, a bit outrageous but compelling. I now have a massive sense of being able to get back into my Flow, doing it my way, which is when I know it works.

Watch out world.

Thank you Talent Dynamics.

Does anybody know if they throw in a make-up artist and lighting crew for free?

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