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TDHQ January update

I’m really excited as we are already underway with plans for this years Global Trust Conference. Next month, ill be able to share more with you on that but already we are delighted to have been able to secure 2 of last years most popular speakers: Stephen MR Covey and Roger James Hamilton and this year is of course planned to be bigger and better than before!

We are also unveiling news in the coming months of the Talent Dynamics Institute, an online learning platform packed full of amazing content that you can access from the comfort of your own chair 🙂

Check out the first of these really great online programmes in this months news. We are looking for 30 pilot testers internationally for our Flow Consultant programme!

Have a great month ahead, Michelle

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Flow Consultant E-learning – 30 Pilot testers needed! Could it be you?

We will be launching our Fully automated E-learning Flow Consultant Accreditation in April this year and are looking for a small group of 30 coaches/trainers/consultants and line managers from around the world to take part in a pilot programme during March and April.

The E-learning programme will allow participants to do the full Flow Consultant accreditation, without having to attend one of our regular 2 day workshops in person.

This means you can do the learning and the accreditation from the comfort of your own home/office and start using Talent Dynamics immediately with your clients and team!

Flow Consultants becoming accredited through this route will not only get the full training and accreditation to become a Flow Consultant but they will also receive the bonus online business development training that sets them up for immediate success as a new Flow Consultant.

The Pilot programme:

  • The pilot testers will receive the full training and accreditation required to become a Flow Consultant and the business development training for immediate success after accreditation
  • Instead of receiving the standard 10 profile tokens as part of your initial training valued at £500, you will receive 25 tokens, valued at £1250 which means you can get straight into Flow with your clients!
  • As fully accredited Flow Consultants, you will also have access to all the tools, resources and ongoing training available to the Talent Dynamics community
  • Oh and if we need to make changes or upgrades as a result of feedback, you will have access to all of these as well.

To register your interest and for more information click here

What we will be asking of you in return:

  • To complete the training within the agreed timeframe during March and April
  • To provide us with feedback on the programme, its usability, standards of content etc
  • To be great Flow Consultants, assisting your clients to get into and stay in Flow!

How to get involved

Click here to register your interest in being part of this programme and to get more information on how you can get involved. We will only be taking the first 30 confirmed names on this pilot programme, so if you are interested, please register here today!

The first 30 members of the Pilot programme will be able to attend this accreditation at a discounted rate of over 66%.


Global Trust Conference 2014 – Partnership Opportunity!

Stephen MR Covey returns as a speaker to the 2014 Global Trust Conference!

We are very, very excited here at TDHQ. Next month we will be able to share with you the full details of the 2014 Global Trust Conference! We have already been in contact with many attendees from last year, to give them the first opportunity to book their tickets at a significantly discounted rate (if you were there last year and have’t heard from us yet, do contact the office direct on 01772 634994 or email

Meanwhile, I have a very exciting opportunity for anyone who would like to partner with us this year at the Global Trust Conference. Either as a promotional partner, sponsor or affiliate (or another way you are excited about) You can get global attraction for your company, in front of 1500+ HR professionals, L&D Specialists, CEO’s and Business Leaders and could even earn yourself several £1000’s in partner commissions.

If you want to know more, click here to download our partner pack now or contact


PS what I can tell you is that Stephen MR Covey received such amazing feedback from participants last year, that we have invited him back this year and he is really excited to join us again with new content!


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Teejay’s word: A gift for young people

Teejay Dowe of Talent Dynamics explains Talent Dynamics for Young People and the amazing results that the project is delivering

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Una’s Spotlight: 3 Common Mistakes Leading a Team

Una Doyle of Talent Dynamics lists the 3 common mistakes made by team leaders and explains the solutions that can stop them from happening

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DT’s Tower: The Power of ONE

I’ll give you a warning.  This post is a bit on the hard truth side.  If you want to read something uplifting don’t read a Lord’s blog in the New Year!

Resolution: Clarity or Disparity?

January is easily the month of ‘to do’ lists.  We start out with such good intentions and make resolutions.  Do we keep them? 🙂

I’ll throw some statistics at you… the chance of you keeping your New Year’s resolution through the first week?


That means that 1 in 4 of us don’t make it past the first week!  By the time a month has gone by (so about now) only 64% of us are keeping firm to our resolutions.  And I bet we feel a bit smug about it (its OK we’re human)… yet according to Forbes only 8% of us will ever fulfil our good intentions!

That means only 8 out of 100 people will do those things that they feel strongly enough to say at the beginning of the year THIS needs to change (gym’s and fitness centres look to your Direct Debits!)

So if that is the chance of us achieving personal goals we feel strongly about… what chance does our business to do list have?

TO DO: Write a TO DO list

Most ‘to do’s’ aren’t really objectives.  They are ways for us to feel like we are exerting control over our environment and to move something from our head to something physical.

So we can forget about them.

Or so we feel productive rather than be productive.

Harsh truth maybe but I think something we can all relate to.

(by the way writing a to list should NEVER be on a to do list)

ONE Thing

Good advice from Jack Palance!  Although we don’t have the luxury of only doing one thing in business what a lot of to do lists do is overwhelm us from the important tasks.

“Sorry but that to do list will never be done.”

More things will add to it and some will fall off as circumstances change.

Scan through your to do list and ask what ONE thing makes a real difference.  Quickly work out what that difference will be in tangible terms (more opportunities, more revenue, more time etc)  Then get it done.  Don’t try and get rid of your to do list  as soon as possible.  Get that ONE thing done.

Then repeat.  Get another ONE thing done.

The way I look at to do lists is that they are a list of ONE things.   Each makes a real difference.  The sense of accomplishment of being productive and the benefits of the tangible results fire me up and moves me on to the next ONE thing.  Which means I get more done.

The Power of ONE

Before Christmas I admit I fell into the trap of a massive to do list, trying to get things done before the holidays.  Did I manage it?  Not really… I made progress on everything but didn’t finish anything.  My ONE resolution this year is to not fall into that trap again.  Since focusing on only getting one thing at a time I’ve managed to get more done with better results.

“My to do list was getting in the way.”

Rather than focus on ONE thing I was getting distracted by everything.  Treating my to do list as only getting ONE thing done today meant that I got more done in a day as the amount of time the task takes usually doesn’t take me all day.

I know I’m stating the obvious but we all fall into the trap of trying to get too much done at once.  I also know that this approach isn’t right for all people and certainly isn’t right all the time.  If your to do list is growing.  If you don’t feel like you are getting anything done, focus on ONE thing… and everything that needs to get done will get done.

“Better to get 1 thing done than 10 things half done”

How do you handle to do lists?  Have you ever focused on ONE thing?  What tips can you share for a more productive 2014?

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Nicci’s Call: Do you dare to be Transparent?

By Nicola Bonfanti – Talent Dynamics for Sales

Being honest builds trust, telling lies destroys trust.

Obvious, isn’t it? But are you completely transparent and truthful with your clients all of the time?

“Do you share your pricing and business model up front and openly on your website?”

Or do you still operate with small print clauses that are only revealed once the contract is signed? Do you tell white lies to spare your clients feelings? Do you under promise and over deliver to make you look better when in fact you know what the delivery date is going to be?


‘Transparency’ is a buzz word that is being used more and more these days, especially in business and in politics. Most of the time people associate transparency with the practice of being honest and open about their operations, e.g. being  upfront about their income and outgoings, their funding sources and expenses, their supply chain and their working conditions.

In this sense, Transparency is part of a system of checks and balances to ensure corporate social responsibility.

But I believe there’s another dimension to Transparency. It’s not just about being honest so we can prove we’re not dis-honest. True Transparency is something much more positive and expansive, it’s about putting your client first and sharing the journey with them, being open partners. The reward is honesty back from the clients, a better understanding of their real needs and a higher chance of working together.

“However fear can prevent us from being totally transparent”


Dynamo profiles may fear that they will lose their competitive edge if they share their ideas with their clients. They may not fully demonstrate the value they can give their clients and hold back because they fear the client will cherry pick the best ideas and then turn to a competitor to deliver them. However if they were to be generous with their ideas and transparent about how much consultation you get up front and clear about what added benefits you get  from being a paid client, they are more likely to secure that business.


Blaze profiles may fear that by giving away their secrets people will think differently of them and not respect them, e.g. if they share any aspects of their products or services that are not right for the client. They may hide any aspects of the business that are not suitable for the client, telling white lies to make the client feel good about their purchase. But it is precisely because of their honesty and putting the clients’ needs first by being open and telling them which of their products and services fit their clients’ needs and which don’t that means their clients and prospects are likely to respect them, trust them as their advisor’s and work with them.


Tempo profiles in wanting to be seen to deliver a great service may under promise and over deliver, may give more bonuses than originally declared. This may seem a good thing but it is still not transparent. The client won’t know where they stand, won’t trust your next declaration and assume the delivery will be earlier and the service will have even more added extras again. So you set yourself up for disappointment or confusion down the line. Better to be completely candid and tell the client the same information you have and share any changes along the way.


Steel profiles may fear losing control of the sale. Pricing, negotiating, all become a game with the fear on both sides of not getting the best deal or not getting a fair deal. Creating contracts together side by side, being honest about margins and restrictions is far more likely to not only get the business but keep the business for a long time.

Transparency is scary as it goes straight to the heart of buyer centric trusted selling rather than seller-centric. Do you dare to be transparent?

Let me know what you think.  What stops you being transparent or how you dare to be transparent?

Email: niccibonfanti(at)btinternet(dot)com
Mobile: +44 77 34361923
Follow Nicci on Twitter: @NicciBonf


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