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Corey’s Story: Talent Dynamics for Young People

By Teejay Dowe – Talent Dynamics for Young People

This is the story of Corey who’s mum and dad were worried about him because he was struggling at college, spent too much time alone in his room and was generally uncommunicative. Well, that’s what they thought anyway.

Corey’s Story

Corey’s mum had had a Talent Dynamics profile test done 12 months before and loved the difference that it made to her when she discovered she was a Mechanic profile. Because her son was doing engineering, seemed to like to be by himself and didn’t really engage that much in conversation she assumed that he must also have a lot of steel energy and be either a Lord or Mechanic and in order to try and get through to him both mum and dad communicated with lots of details, facts, figures, measures and so on.

And wondered why they just got a grunt back! A few weeks ago, when things were really coming to a head at home and at college Corey had the opportunity to be profiled too. And boy were they in for a surprise that was! He is not a Lord or Mechanic, he’s totally a Star!

The Talent Dynamics for Young People Profile Test

Mum and dad were really shocked at the time but then, it all started to make sense!

“Out of curiosity they began to change their communication style with him started to show him information, talk to him bigger picture and not go in to lots of detail about everything”

Low and behold he’s starting engaging in the conversation again to their delight. Mum realized that the exams that he had really excelled in had been oral exams where he had to present the topic and speak about the subject and he loved the attention and found it really easy. It made her think back to when he was little and would read him stories and it was the short stories he loves not the long ones with lots of facts in them. She thought back to his prom and how he was the one who had chosen not only a really loud suit to wear but insisted on the awesome top hat that went with it.

Beginning to Change

With this new found knowledge of who Corey really is life is beginning to change. Not only are they talking to him in different ways but they are encouraging him to explore job roles that are more in line with his star profile. If he is going to do engineering as a career perhaps his role will be in promoting new ideas, new systems, shining the light on the engineering world and it’s accomplishments. They are encouraging him to start a video blog reviewing and promoting new games, and advancements in technology.

“He has a great way with words, loves to be on camera and is awesome at sharing what’s good about a product and how to make it even better.”

Plus he has the technical knowledge to add credibility to his passion and therefore be really influential.

Really Starting to Shine

She told me that they had limited him in their expectations because of their assumption about who he was. Its funny, now that they have given him the gift of the profile, they said they couldn’t believe that they didn’t see it before and that they totally see the Star – they can’t believe they missed it. Well, maybe that’s because in trying to get him to live as someone else the Star lost his shine and now he’s getting it back again and life is easier, more exciting and definitely more in flow for him.

I wonder how many other young people are there like Corey who are struggling because we have judged them for who we think they are or expect them to  be instead of who they really are and should be allowed to be?

Teejay Dowe will be leading one of the Break- Out sessions at the Trust Conference on September 11th.

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TDHQ February News

We had a major flurry of bookings for the 2014 Trust Conference in the past few weeks, as we opened up ticket sales on the 14th February! We now already have 0ver 18o people booked to attend which is very exciting!

Next week I’ll be unveiling a very exciting speaker for the conference, who will be flying in from Las Vegas to share an incredible story of Trust, Connection and Happiness!!

I’m also heading to Australia next week to meet with Roger James Hamilton, Creator of Talent Dynamics, as he runs a 4 city tour of his amazing Fast Forward your Business events. Hope to connect with several of you while I’m there. Do come up and say ‘Hi’ if you are there!

Best, Michelle


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Nicci’s Call: Trusted Sales Story of Zappos

By Nicola Bonfanti – Talent Dynamics for Sales

All of the Talent Dynamics for Sales programmes are based on the 5 steps to Trusted Selling

  1. Transparency at all times
  2. Respect and rapport with prospects and clients accelerated by using their Talent Dynamics profile
  3. Understand the needs of the customer and put them first
  4. Share the journey for long term relationships
  5. Trusted advisors more than salespeople

To illustrate 3 of these points there is a lot we can learn from the online shoe store, Zappos. It is in the media for it’s holocratic (no job titles, no managers) culture of happiness and it’s amazing customer service but they are also incredibly successful at selling – turning over $1 billion a year. So whatever business you are in, their sales and marketing strategies are worth looking at.

Transparency at all times

Zappos has shown equal transparency in delivering both good and bad news. In January 2012, the company’s accounts were hacked – making 24 million customers vulnerable.

Rather than attempting to ignore this situation, Zappos openly admitted to the crisis and encouraged its customers to change their passwords.  Likewise recently Kayne West (singer) accused Zappos publicly of selling sh*t product. Rather than shying away from this – Zappos posted a toilet for sale on their website to join in with the publicity.

Zappos understood that transparency, regardless of whether the news is good or bad, is the right way to do business to win and keep clients.

Share the journey – long term relationships

Zappos does not sell discount or unique products. They have no competitive advantage when it comes to products yet they still make over $1B in sales. How?

Their secret lies in customer service and word-of-mouth referrals from people who have been absolutely delighted by their purchasing experience. Zappos invests heavily in creating experiences for its customers in the buying and service process.  This is responsible for their incredible word-of-mouth sales success with 75% of their sales coming from returning clients.

Their CEO, Hsieh says:

“I think the main thing is just trust [the customer service reps] and let them make their own decisions. … we generally try to stay away from policies, we just ask our reps to do whatever they feel is the right thing to do for the customer and the company.”

Trust within your staff spreads to your clients and increases sales. That’s a good place to start.

Understand the needs of the customer and puts them first

Zappos pride themselves on their communication. Call centre employees don’t have scripts, and there are no limit on call times. The longest call reported is 10 hours 29 minutes.

If a customer calls for a product and Zappos does not have the product in stock, they recommend a competitor who has it.

The CEO, Hsieh says that, while Zappos will lose the sale, in the long run it’s best for Zappos because the customer appreciates the help and tells their friends the story. It creates positive word of mouth publicity. The money they would have spent on advertising and marketing they invest in making the customer’s experience so amazing that they tell their friends and come back for more.

Are there any lessons there for your business?

Nicci Bonfanti will be leading one of the Break- Out sessions at the Trust Conference on September 11th.

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DT’s Tower: Trust and the Boy Who Cried ASAP

With the tickets for the Trust Conference 2014 going on sale this month and my last blog post about the power of ONE, my mind has been bouncing between applying Trust and the best way to get things done.

One of my little pet niggles is ASAP or A.S.A.P.  We all know that on the surface ASAP stands for ‘As Soon As Possible’ (or humorously ‘As Slow As Possible’).  Some of us pedants might also know that ASAP is a military acronym first appearing in print from Captain Annis G. Thompson’s account of the Korean War, The Greatest Airlift, 1954:

“Emergency drops required no paperwork, merely a telephone call from the 8th Army in Korea. Most drops were made on an ASAP or ‘as soon as possible’ basis.”

So the root of ASAP is connected to an emergency situation.  Re-prioritise everything with this at the top,.  The problem I have with ASAP is that it is waaaaay overused.  I’m as guilty of this as anyone else… but I’m trying!

What ASAP REALLY means

When we say ASAP we want it to mean urgent.  As in now.  Yet not many of us in business work in a military environment.

‘As Possible’ is open to a degree of interpretation.

Is that ‘your possible’?  Or is that ‘my possible’?

If we mean ‘my possible’ then that destroys trust as the key quality of transparency is missing.  We are not thinking about the other person’s timetable or schedule.  It also breaks flow in the same way a massive rock falling into a stream disrupts the flow of water.  This creates stress.

Then multiply this by the number of people who use it i.e. everyone.  How do you prioritise multiple ASAPs?  Is it really a matter of life or death if these ASAPs aren’t done now?  Also think about how often someone might hear ASAP.  That is going to diminish the importance of the phrase…

‘Oh yeah?  You want it ASAP?  Cool, I’ll just put that behind all the other ASAPs that are needed this morning.’


Well what about ‘your possible’?  I have to admit this is how I use/ take it most often.  And I’m a Lord.  Unless you light a fire under me (and give me some detail baby!) I will review the schedule, consider the possibilities and consequences, set a deadline and then move on.  Its unlikely I’ll let you know when I have set the deadline as I have done EXACTLY what you have asked.  This will be done ‘As Soon As Possible’ for me.

Problem is this breaks trust as well.  There is the disconnect between your expectation of ‘possible’ and my expectation of ‘possible’.  Someone is going to end up being disappointed.

Where ASAP REALLY comes from

To my shame I have used ASAP.  I haven’t come from a military background.  I have never had to use ASAP in a life or death situation.

And I’m guessing neither have you. 😀

When I have used ASAP it is usually because I haven’t thought about when I realistically need it.  I just want it done quickly so I can scratch it off my to do list… which probably has more than ONE thing on it 😉

Yet ironically, if a little time is taken to apply a deadline that works for both, this builds trust.  A specific date and time shifts the request from ‘what needs to be done’ to ‘how it needs to be done’.  This means that it will more likely to be done when it needs to be done.

Which in turn deepens trust.

So this is your chance to confess, like me!  Have you ever used ASAP without thinking about it?  Is there a time where ASAP should be used?

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Trust and Mind Mapping

By Janine Clark

Trust is core to the Talent Dynamics model and it has been interesting to have a recent experience with the value of trust.

Here is some background to trust. Think of a child you know who is about four years old! They are cute, possibly mischievous and it’s a stage of life where there is lots of learning about the world. At this stage little people may seem very young and innocent but they develop a key ability that keeps them safe in life. It’s the ability to ‘mind map’.

Mind mapping

Mind mapping is the ability to read and track the intention of another. On a simple level it’s the skill you use to buy your friend a present that will delight them. It’s also the skill we use to map trust, to know someone’s intention.

I class myself as a very generous and open person with most people, including or especially with clients.  Recently I noticed myself feeling edgy and ‘out of flow’. I hadn’t noticed that a breach of trust had come onto my radar, yet my ability to mind map was warning me.

The long story short is that in this case I was on the receiving end of a client breeching my trust, and I was able to observe the generosity the client missed out on as a result. It reminded me of what I could miss out on if I don’t build that trust with my clients.

My clients can map my intention so best I make it a great one, with their success soundly positioned at the centre. That way we all win..

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Unsure about future trends? (Try this)

There’s no question that we’re living in turbulent times. Just in 2013 we saw these major upsets:

  • North Korea conducted a third controversial nuclear test;
  • Cyprus was bailed out with a €10 billion payout from the IMF, after deciding to tax bank deposits;
  • The Boston Marathon bombing;
  • Edward Snowden leaked a huge trove of secret NSA files;
  • Yahoo bought Tumblr for $1.1 billion;
  • Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi was deposed in a coup d’état;
  • A terror group struck at a Nairobi shopping mall;
  • The US government shut down.

“A time of turbulence is a dangerous time, but its greatest danger is a temptation to deny reality. However a time of turbulence is also one of great opportunity for those who can understand, accept and exploit the new realities. It is above all a time of opportunity for leadership.” Peter Drucker

The question is whether your business is ready to exploit these new realities.

You are no doubt experiencing rapid changes in your industry first-hand. Your success is determined by how quickly you’re able to shift your strategies to suit the changes. Being smart is no longer as important as being nimble.

Here’s what I can tell you: the rate of change is set to accelerate in 2014 and beyond.

And that’s why I’d like to invite you to join me at Roger Hamilton’s upcoming Fast Forward Your Business events in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth in March.

Roger is passionate about helping entrepreneurs succeed in our rapidly changing world. Roger believes that entrepreneurship is the new revolution.

The more successful entrepreneurs, the bigger the difference we can make.

Here’s how this affects you:

Everything you’ve heard about marketing, lead generation, social media and growing your business is based on principles that no longer serve us. Big breakthroughs are possible only when you can suspend disbelief and embrace a radically different view of business success.

And it’s these principles, concepts and ideas Roger is going to share with us in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth in March 2014.

Success no longer depends on repeating what worked in the past with more vigour. It’s about thinking differently and embracing change.

Highly successful business owners understand this and it allows them to plan:

  • Precisely, what to shift and change
  • Specifically who to add to their business and when, and
  • Simply how to identify, adopt and integrate, smarter technologies to achieve 10x the results in their business. And they achieve all this without working one bit harder, just much smarter.

There is a wave of change in how businesses are being run. Some are surfing the wave, some are missing it, and some are about to have it come crashing down on top of them. Where do you sit?

Roger’s team have worked hard to make attendance as affordable as possible. All they’re asking is that you cover their venue expenses. That’s how keen Roger is to help you succeed in tomorrow’s world of business.

I’m going to be there, and I hope you will be too – the future of your business could depend on it.

Michelle Clarke

PS. If you’re like me and you skip to the end of long emails, here’s a summary:

Staying on top of trends is key to any business success. Spotting trends early makes it possible to come up with smart ideas – or modify your plans to jump on a new trend just as it takes off.

Roger Hamilton has always impressed me with his future view of the world – that’s why I’m excited to be attending his Fast Forward Your Business events in March – I encourage you to do the same.

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Free 121 profile debrief with Michelle!

How would you like a 121 Talent Dynamics Profile Debrief with Michelle, totally free!

In this one hour conversation, Michelle will help you to:

  • Understand your personal profile and how it relates directly to the work you are doing.
  • Build trust with others in your team, in a way that exceeds the current level of value you add to the company.
  • Discover practical strategies that will either generate additional revenues or cost savings in your company with ease for you


Just last week Michelle ran a debrief with a senior sales person in a bank and together they uncovered $27 million of opportunities that could be realised within the next 12 months following the debrief. Now we’re not promising you will get that level of result… but you will certainly walk away with a tangible, significant £’ add or save for your team.

In return, you need to be available on Thursday 27th February, in Preston for an hour and be happy for us to film the debrief, which will be used for training purposes with our Flow and Performance Consultants internally.

If you are available on this day and keen to be a part of this, please contact and title the email ‘Debrief’  with the following details:

Your direct phone number

Company name

Job Role in the company

Company Turnover

Budget/revenue you are responsible for

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#Loveweek and creating Flow

We’ve just completed #Loveweek at Talent Dynamics. I saw a video that had been shared on Facebook less than 2 weeks ago with Vishen Lakhiani explaining how they introduced #Loveweek into Mindvalley a few years ago and what an incredible impact it has every year on productivity, as well as happiness at work.

My team thought it was an excellent idea and everyone wanted to play. The fun began immediately that everyone knew who they were to be a secret angel to. Friday afternoon in the office, the week before, may as well have been a half days holiday for everyone, as giggles of excitement and ‘don’t look!’ warnings were being shouted, as people started preparing and researching their angel acts for the following week.

The idea is, that each day you do something or give something to the person you are ‘assigned’ to as a secret angel. It could be: leave them a cup of coffee on their desk, write a card to them, pick a flower… Something special from you to them. The key is of course to understand and know the person you are the angel for so you can do something they REALLY appreciate

As the week went on, we all got more excited about getting into the office to see what our secret angels had done for us! What was even more interesting though was how we all got excited to see what had been done for each other…

The amount of thought that went into the acts were just incredible.

Here’s a few of my favourites from the week:

Hannah opened up this package and just burst into tears of joy! A hand drawn picture of her dog. Hannah said

“It was one of the kindest things anyone had ever done for me.”





When Janet received this card she said:

“This brought a tear to my eye, it was so heart warming to know that my secret angel had put so much thought into this for me”




Penny, who is well known for trying to do well at the dressage with her horse said



“When I opened this I just laughed out loud, so hard!”




Oh and me? Well my angel had really thought about what I like. I love to hear thoughtful words. My friends are supremely important to me and I just adore horses,

“this card brought me to tears with the special words that were also typed inside from a friend to a friend.”

When you make the effort to get to know someone you work with so well and to such depths, you know the triggers for them that can really make them feel loved. It could be something you say, something you do or even something you don’t say or do.

It reminded me of the purpose of building Trust and Flow. When you know someones profile, you know there is a language they speak, a way they like to be interacted with. You know the type of information they are most interested in and how it should be presented. Wether they want the detail or just an overview. You know if they are the kind of person who needs quiet time alone or and if they are the type that thrives on noise and constant interaction.

How well do you know the colleague who sits opposite to you? The one across the corridor?  Or maybe the colleague you never even met who works in the office on the other side of the world?

Do you have a common language that you can speak to make each other feel more valued?

Now, I don’t know wether #loveweek improved productivity or effectiveness in the workplace greatly (my team are very productive already!) but we sure did have an awesome #lovefilledweek!

So Vishen/Mindvalley, thanks for a brilliant idea and experience last week.  Next year we are going to open it up to consultants, clients, friends, suppliers and spread the love EVEN further!



Vote for Teejay Dowe as Life Coach of the Year!

We were very excited to read about and support our very own Master Trainer for Teen Talent Dynamics, Teejay Dowe, who has been nominated as Life Coach of the Year in the APCTC awards this year!

If you know Teejay and know of her work, I’m sure you will join us in supporting her to win this one!

You can vote for her by clicking here.



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