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DT’s Tower: How Computer Games Helped My Business

Dawn of War

I have a confession to make.  I have recently become addicted to a computer game called ‘Dawn of War’.  This blog post is a blatant attempt at rationalising the hours I spend huddled over my laptop getting quizzical looks from my other half.

‘Dawn of War’ is an RTS (a Real Time Strategy game) where you take command of an army and have to not only fight a battle but manage and build your resources.  I find it completely engrossing and although it can be challenging (I won’t use the word ‘stressful’ because… it’s “only” a computer game) I find myself afterwards refreshed and energised.

The Point

As a Lord profile I resonate with the detail.  Small decisions and minor changes with huge impact is what I love.  In addition I’m introverted, which means although I can work as part of a team, I like my own company.  This is what gets me into ‘Flow’ (hence why time vanishes, I switch off the game feeling energised… and my better half has been ignored for 3 hours).

After a few marathon sessions of this game over a weekend I dragged myself into work.  And I noticed something.

My thinking was clearer, I could make decisions faster (and for a Lord THAT is no mean feat… I’ve let people go in front of me in the coffee shop as I decide what I want) and I found myself prioritising faster with better effect.

Although this ‘game’ is just that, it actually helped me perform my accountabilities more effectively.  In essence it is like a ‘work out’ for me as a Lord, training myself to manage resources, make decisions under pressure and have confidence that those decisions are the right ones.

… at least that is what I told my partner 😀

Find your Flow

Now not everyone likes computer games and I’m not suggesting that you go out and buy ‘Dawn of War’ (even though it is BRILLIANT) but consider your profile and what you do to relax and enjoy yourself, the kind of enjoyment where time flies and you are completely refreshed.

Then think about what it is about that activity that connects with your profile.  I bet (not money, I’m a Lord don’t you know?) that something about your hobby, interest or past time connects with your profile.  This insight should help you to find your flow, not only to recharge out of work or business but IN business as you recognise those tasks that will give you energy rather than take it.

The next step is to talk with other profiles in your team or network.

See where you can help each other to stay in flow by taking those activities that fire you up and delegating those that flatten you out.  Give them to another profile who thinks that what you find taxing is the best thing since sliced bread.

Rationalisation (Confession) Over!

What profile are you?  What do you do to relax and how does that fit your profile?

And now of course I’ve made the computer game relate COMPLETELY to work 😀

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