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Employers must foster shared purpose to succeed, CIPD survey shows

Having a common purpose is vital for increasing engagement and productivity. Organisations that build and implement strong Enterprise Promises and Team Promises, really do see the levels of productivity and profitability increasing as backed up by this CIPD research and article.

Organisations with a strong sense of shared purpose outperform those that lack this unity, research from the CIPD has revealed.

But, in the YouGov survey of 2,000 employees, entitled Shared Purpose: The Golden Thread?, 35 per cent said their daily work was not aligned with their firm’s core purpose.

The research found that workplaces with a profit-based purpose tended to have staff that were less synchronised with the aims of the organisation, while respondents from workplaces with the “golden thread” reported better organisational performance overall.

In addition to improving performance, the survey found that having a sense of shared purpose also improves employee engagement and understanding of the organisation’s core goals.

Respondents working for organisations where a sense of shared purpose exists throughout seem far more likely to be engaged (84 per cent) than those employees who work for an organisation without a sense of shared purpose (32 per cent).

But while more than three-quarters (76 per cent) of employees agree that they know clearly what the core purpose of their organisation is, only 28 per cent believe that the purpose is shared throughout the whole organisation.

Claire McCartney, resourcing and talent planning adviser at the CIPD, said: “The difference between simply having an organisational purpose and having a shared sense of purpose is that the latter is shared by all employees working for the organisation and often beyond, to include external stakeholders. That is why we insist that an organisation’s shared sense of purpose is ‘the golden thread’ to which its strategy should be aligned.

“The research has established that the alignment of an organisation’s purpose, values and goals has clear benefits. In an uncertain economic climate this becomes even more important. As the public sector faces mounting pressures, those organisations that are able to align their purposes, values and goals for all employees will have a clear head start.”

via Employers must foster shared purpose to succeed, CIPD survey shows – People Management Magazine Online.

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