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How you can educate a child for a month in India, through Talent Dynamics.

We are thrilled here at TDHQ to announce our new partnership with B1G1 — an extraordinary organisation that is causing change in a huge way and directly impacting thousands of lives by involving more businesses in contributing to charities and causes.

As you know, at TDHQ we believe that everyone has a fundamental right to experience flow. That’s our mission; it has been from day one and will continue to be. It’s why we do what we do! We also have a very strong connection and contribution ethic. We have always had a policy that 10% of our profits goes to the charity or cause that we support and we have done this almost ‘covertly’ in the past, because we didn’t think you needed to know about it.

Well all that changed recently when Michelle talked with Paul Dunn, Chairman of B1G1.

During that conversation we discovered that last year in the US alone, less than 4% of all contribution came from business. That’s a very low number of businesses that are making a difference back in to the communities in which they trade, so we decided it was time to ‘out’ our contributions and show it in a very transparent way through B1G1. We firmly believe that by doing this we can encourage other businesses to do something similar.

Here’s what Paul said when TD joined the B1G1 movement

“There is no doubt that ‘flow’ involves giving. Being in flow creates happiness and there’s now so much research to show that giving does precisely the same thing. So at B1G1 we’re really thrilled about this partnership with Talent Dynamics. Even more to the point, we’re thrilled that Michelle and the team really get the significance of ‘embedding’ the giving so that it becomes an effortless habit, connecting us even more to who we really are.”

What does this mean for you?

Whenever you choose to buy one of our products or services, we will make a direct contribution to one of the charities or causes in B1G1 (there are over 600 already to choose from) and we will tell you about it directly, so you will know that as well as your purchase making a difference to your team or organisation, it has made a difference somewhere else as well. You can even choose the charity if you like yourself. In the next few months, we will make it easier on our website for you to see the projects and how they relate to our products and services. 

For now though, the participants on our first ever License Accreditation Programme will discover today that as a result of ‘buying one’ programme, where they have become educated in using the Talent Dynamics Profile, each of them have also given education to  a child in India for a month

We think that’s pretty cool.We hope you do too and would love to hear your feedback.

4 Responses to How you can educate a child for a month in India, through Talent Dynamics.

  1. Michelle, It is great to be working with someone who shares the importance of giving back through business. I am delighted that whilst I am gaining my License Accreditation in Talent Dynamics and helping myself and my clients tap into their “flow”, that a child in India is receiving education for a month. As more of us role model giving to charitable causes through our business and our work, we will inspire others to follow.

  2. Absolutely, thats why we decided to join B1G1 and make it more open. The more hype about contribution out there, the more businesses will get on board and do the same… Heres to the contribution revloution!

  3. Michelle, congratulations for becoming a member of the most rewarding club you’ll ever join. I’m in it for the most selfish of reasons: it’s VERY good for business, and it allows me to wake up each morning looking forward to my working day in ways that I could have once only dreamed of. People with real talent and a passion to excel get something like this, but we less-endowed folk are often denied the the rich rewards of giving. B1G1 isn’t a cause, but an amazing engine. Masami’s inspiration and Paul’s boundless energy. Go for it – and as Paul says: “WOOW!”

  4. Thanks David, we are delighted to have joined. Looking forward to the interesting stories we can share with our clients about the impact they are helping to create!

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