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Improve your relationship with a significant other – to celebrate the Royal Wedding!

Here at TDHQ we have all caught Royal Wedding Fever! So excited are we by the impending nuptials tomorrow in London and the happy couple, that we have decided to offer a one off opportunity to help you understand how you too can improve your relationships!!

We are offering 2 TD profiles AND debriefs together, for less than the price of 1!!

We often find delegates on our programmes wanting to profile their kids or husband/wife to improve understanding of one another!

This opportunity is only open until Tuesday 3rd May. It allows you and your Partner, husband, wife, children, business partner or colleague to complete a TD profile each and then have a session with one of our expert Performance Consultants, with you both together to look at ways to greatly improve your relationship! (You can book the debrief at a time to suit you both as long as you take action before the 3rd!)

Find ways to improve:
Communication with one another
Your understanding of whats important to your significant other and how they think!
potential challenges in the relationship and how to manage/avoid them
The speed at which you can resolve conflict

A profile and debrief usually retails for £197 and for this opportunity, we are offering 2 profiles and a joint debrief for just £167!!!! (or approx AUS$260)

To take advantage of this offer, in the next few days only, click here. You will be sent a 2nd profile and will be contacted by one of the team to arrange a suitable time and date for the debrief.

Enjoy the celebrations tomorrow wherever you are!!

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