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Inspiring the Future

Have you seen the film, pay it forward? Here at TDHQ we love to use our resources to do things that make a real difference for the future generations. That’s why we joined B1G1. We particularly like to invest in helping young people to experience Flow and we do a lot of work with schools and colleges.

June was a great month for celebrating with some of the organisations we have been helping.

I was really excited to be invited by the Prime Minister to a reception at 1o Downing Street, that he was hosting for one of our clients New Entrepreneurs Foundation 

NEF was established last year, to develop a new generation of Entrepreneurs who are going to be playing a large role in the growth and prosperity of the British economy. The reception was to celebrate the successful graduation of the first 40 Entrepreneurs who have completed a super cool year long programme (including Talent Dynamics) with some really awesome host companies.

We were delighted to have provided scholarship places for a half day session for all of the Young Entrepreneurs, including TD profiles along with a full day strategic team day for the Leadership Team.

All of the sponsors, volunteers, young people and host companies were invited to the reception and I was lucky enough to get a few minutes explaining to David Cameron about our commitment to working with young people through Talent Dynamics for Schools and other initiatives.

He shared with all of us about the importance of business leaders and entrepreneurs dedicating even just a small amount of their time to helping out young people. Wether that be in the form of a talk at a school, some mentoring, coaching or other intervention that can inspire young people to Enterprise. He also said that the government had launched a new initative called Inspiring the Future to do just that.

HERO Awards

Another great event was the HERO awards for young people in Blackpool held in June. We have been long term friends and partners with HERO. Alison Sadler from HERO who organised the awards is one of the only people currently accredited to deliver Talent Dynamics for Schools. These awards are to celebrate the Entrepreneurial capabilities of young people in and around Blackpool and are incredibly inspiring!

Again this year we sponsored the Most Enterprising Team category The winning team ‘Unity Enterprise Team’ qualify for a TD Step One programme that will really help them with their enterprising project even further!

“Unity Enterprise Team, consisting of six Year 9 students and two girls from Year 11, has been on a real journey this year, going from the despair of losing the Blackpool FC enterprise competition at the final hurdle to eventually being crowned the Gazette’s ‘Young Entrepreneurs of the Year 2011’ and winning £5000 for their school.  The team, who have technology at the forefront of many of their business ideas, have gelled massively in the short space of time they have worked together, something which is refreshing to see given the difference in genders and year groups.   They have proven their growing knowledge and understanding of business when representing Blackpool FC at a recent enterprise event at Newcastle United, managing to be only one of 5 out of 24 teams who proved they could stick to a budget.  We have watched them grow as a team, and as individuals and they embody the real essence of an enterprising team.

 Paying it forward this month…

By the way – You don’t have to run a Talent Dynamics training programme with a group of 40 young people to make a difference…

Why not spend 30 minutes of your time this month helping out at your old school.

Here are some ways you could really make a difference… 

Share with the students why you do what you do and how you got into it

Mentor a student that needs extra tuition

Provide an opportunity for the local students to visit your premises

Explain about your product or service and how it helps the community you trade in

Advise a group of enterprising students on their current strategy and plan

Share your area of expertise in a master class

If you are still not sure how to be of best use, I’m sure your local school will have lots of ideas as to how they can best use your Talents… Or call Alison!! 

If you want to profile a young person (9-16 years old) to help them understand their Path of Least Resistance, you can take the Talent Dynamics for Schools profile test here


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