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Introducing Michelle Kennedy with a very special Opportunity!

We are really excited to be introducing a super creative, bright and bubbly Creator Profile, in the shape of Michelle Kennedy who joined us in March while Michelle Clarke was in Australia. (yep, seems you have to be called Michelle to work round here) Michelle’s new role is as Business Development Manager for Australia. Michelle is also a Performance Consultant in training and is already very experienced in working with clients using Wealth Dynamics.

Special Opportunity

To celebrate our launch in Australia and Michelle’s new and exciting role, we have created an opportunity for the first 5 companies in Australia who contact Michelle!

When we run our 5 day Accreditation training in Australia in June, Michelle C and Jan will both be staying an extra week to deliver some high impact one day programmes with 5 lucky clients. Understanding Primary Purpose 

Typically clients who have been through this one day programme come away with instantly applicable revenue generating ideas. Often, as much as $100k ideas!

Results we have created recently with clients from this one day Programme 

  • A number of 6 figure ideas that are implementable in the next 3 months for an events company
  • £100k idea that was implementable immediately at no additional cost to a firm of solicitors
  • Replacing a local authority team’s £300k ‘cost’ with a profitable plan and team that became £100k of forward orders
  • 50% Increase in productivity in under 6 months for a film production company
  • 500% increase in retail sales and a smashing of opening sales targets for a Beauty salon

 Outcomes of the One day programme

  • Tremendously increased individual awareness, ownership and effectiveness for the team members in their daily roles
  • A realisation of ‘my value’ in the team and how I can best create and co-create more flow
  • A real understanding of the Purpose of an Organisation and how to accelerate results by improving trust and flow
  • A new way to work together more efficiently and effectively that becomes fun and enjoyable


Your One day programme will be arranged with Michelle for delivery during the week of July 4th 2011 at your venue


This one day programme for up to 12 participants will be priced at $5000 after this launch but for the first 5 companies to respond, you will be eligible for this workshop priced at just $2750 plus incidental expenses

To be considered for this opportunity and for more information, please contact or call her direct on 01418629284

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