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Introducing the new Flow Consultant Master License Holders

We recently invited a group of our high performing Performance Consultants to come on board as Flow Consultant Master License Holders or FCLH’s for short!

This new license level will enable Robin, Teejay, Neville and Sylvia to directly train and accredit Flow Consultants themselves.

Flow Consultants

Flow Consultants are trained and accredited to use Talent Dynamics as part of their line management/coaching and work mainly one on one using the TD profiles. Carrying out an empowering Talent Dynamics debrief on a member of your team is a skill we know many more of you would like to have so this is a great opportunity now we have 4 new Trainers who have joined our ever expanding team!

 4 new Flow Consultant License Holders

Teejay specialises in working with young people. Teejay will be running Flow Consultant accreditation training for people who already work with young people and would now like to use Talent Dynamics as one of tools in their kit bag.





Robin is an expert in Leadership training and is the first License Holder in the USA to offer Flow Consultant accreditation there!






Neville is a specialist in the development of Trust and improved Performance. He works in the world of Financial Services and wider Human Resources and has 30 + years of experience.





Sylvia is a consumate networker who specialises in training women in business who want to make a mark on the world





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