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Jans Corner: Bringing Ideas to Life

Good business ideas are always welcome. And sometimes there is even an abundance of them. But even the most revolutionary idea is of little use and benefit if not implemented. This is a well known fact and not rocket science, of course. Still what is common knowledge is not common practice. Why?

Implementation – a word often used in meetings and presentations – become something like a broken record. Partly due to overuse many seem to become immune to it, others are resisting it as, let’s be honest, implementation can mean a lot of work. And for what? It is easier to talk about it then to go and uhm, implement it?

When you look at the origins of implement as verb, you will find that it comes from a Latin word implementum which means to fill up, to fulfill. Implementing an idea is to fulfil on its promise and potential.

Not every idea may inspire us to fulfil on its promise and potential but there are at least a few that certainly do.

Did you know that inspire comes from Latin inspirare, which means “to breathe life into?”

When you are inspired to implement an idea, you bring it to life. This is not a mechanical intervention, but more of a natural next step in an organic process.

Bringing something to life successfully in enterprises and bold endeavours is not designed as a solo ride. For instance, you might have noticed that the best ideators (who originate the ideas) are not necessarily the best animators (to continue our linguistic adventure here, the word animateur comes from the French animer and means someone “who brings to life something”) and vice versa.

The Animateurs are those who bring to life new ways of thinking, seeing or interacting and create enthusiasm, energy and focus around them within teams and organisations. They express the essence of leadership – and embody both inspiration and trust needed to breath life into great ideas.

In Talent Dynamics we say that the best leaders are the Supporter profiles. Don’t get deceived by the name. Being an Animateur lies at heart of all Supporters. Fire-like energy, enthusiasm and drive to make things happen with others just wait to be awakened by a worthwhile idea, product or project. Along with empathy (being able to step into the shoes of other people and seeing their perspective and motives) they will take the lead and bring these to life in a way that engages others, builds trust and makes sure that the promise and potential is fulfilled…and you have fun along the way.

For your best ideas, projects and businesses, who are the best Animateurs in your team or organisation who could bring them to life? If you can find them and excite them you’ll see what happens when inspiration is ignited into bonfire.

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