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Jan’s Corner: business as a game

Isn’t it strange how many people take business or work so very seriously? Yet business can be the best playground there is — just watch Richard Branson and Warren Buffet.It’s not about the billions of pounds of wealth they have created over time: that’s just the score. It’s about the fascination with what they do every day and how they do it, not just for themselves, but for others.

Even if you are not a billionaire, you can greatly increase your level of enjoyment, learning and performance in the workplace — if you play business as a game of collaboration with, and contribution to, others in your team or organisation.

The two following questions could help you:

1) What would be missing, or would not happen, if I were not at work for a year or longer (and nobody replaced me)?

2) How can I help to make my boss, colleagues, customers or suppliers more successful?

If you ‘play’ with these questions you may surprise yourself with the answers. If you are managing a business or a team, consider how much easier it would be if everyone had a chance to use their unique talents at work and their primary purpose was to be there to make others successful.

You would all have much more fun and it would seem like a game. And productivity would shoot up.

Much like the results Talent Dynamics achieves.

Jan Polak

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