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Jan's Corner: leadership dance

Much has been written and said about leadership and being a leader in business. There are numerous theories and models of leadership and, even now, I can still remember at least a dozen from my organisational behaviour studies and consulting work.

Over the years, what I found useful is a practical approach, one that comes out not as much from a book (even though theory and distinctions are important) but out of a desire to fulfil a specific purpose.

You know…launching that new product, delivering that service better, building that community of clients or improving that process. And, of course, making that contribution and leaving that legacy only you – as business, team and individual – can.

Maybe we could say that leadership is about leading others at the right time, in the right fashion, to fulfil a joint purpose. It is not about control, position or exposure. Actually, it is about assuming leadership and allowing others to lead when it best serves what we are up for in business. It is to create the most flow together.

There is a great opportunity for everyone on your team to lead, whether it is a small task or a large project.

Give it a thought.

Who is best equipped for leading meetings so that they don’t drag endlessly? Who is the most creative in your team? The most connected? The most confident? The most meticulous?

Give them the opportunity to lead and you will see that everyone benefits. And if you see that it is you who can add the most value as a leader, don’t hesitate to step up. It is like a dance – those who know the steps and whose flow connects most with that particular music, lead the way. Enjoy!

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  1. Great insights, Jan – couldn’t agree more. Thanks for saying it so well!

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