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The Problem with Teams.

We all sometimes struggle to work in groups.  Sometimes people or situations knock us off our game and we struggle.  We get stressed and stress is the number one cause of work place absence.  This is partly because it is difficult to know the right thing to do for ourselves, let alone our team members.

What You Get as a Flow Consultant.

  • 15 TD test tokens valued at USD1,455
  • Access to wholesale price profile tests at just USD50 (RRP USD97)
  • Full set of Facilitators notes/slides and TD reports
  • Videos of the 2 day training and profile debrief examples to access later
  • Your own profile admin area where you can create team graphs/access data and sell/ distribute profiles to clients
  • TD Consultants Manual – the how to guide of business development
  • Monthly partner webinars with product knowledge or business development training
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Closed Facebook group access to discuss TD ideas and questions
  • An in depth Intranet of materials and resources
  • Marketing materials
  • E-guides and data capture tools
  • Client video testimonials/case studies
  • Written case studies
  • Product knowledge support and development
  • Access to the annual global partner conference (and recordings)

Become a Flow Consultant.

As a Flow Consultant you will be able to help your team or your clients increase their self-awareness and provide a strategy to help find a more productive state called flow.  Being in flow has tangible business results that can be targeted and measured.

Flow is a central concept to the Talent Dynamics Pathway of products and services.  You probably already know what flow is.  Its that state where everything comes naturally, you are not stressed or worried and you find that time passes as you are 100% focused on what you are doing.  Imagine an entire team in the state of flow.

Once accredited, you as a Flow Consultant will be able to use the Talent Dynamics Profile Test and run 1-2-1 debriefs to:

  • Improve engagement and commitment levels of teams
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve efficiency and accuracy
  • Create a high performing environment
  • Reduce waste and absences
  • Lower the turnover of staff

The journey to flow starts with the Talent Dynamics Profile Test, a tool that allows individual strengths and challenges to be identified and placed within the team dynamic.

A Flow Consultant and the Talent Dynamics Profile Test.

As a Flow Consultant you will get access to the profiling system and reports for USD50 and sell them to your clients for USD97.  This means that as coach or consultant, for every profile test completed you have an inbuilt margin for your business.  As a line manager or business leader you receive a substantial discount to allow you to profile more of your team members to ensure that the entire team can understand themselves, understand each other and stay in flow.

As part of the Flow Consultant accreditation you will be shown how to run a 1-2-1 profile debrief session so those that take the profile test can get the most from their profile and the profiles of those around them.  Our recommended retail price for a debrief is £197.  As a coach or consultant this means that the more value you add for your clients the more value you add to your bottom line.  As a line manager or business leader, this means that you can support your team directly to help them find and stay in flow.

Flow Consultant Criteria.

There is no criteria for being a Talent Dynamics Flow Consultant.  The accreditation will provide you with all the training and knowledge you will need.

For line managers, knowing the natural talents of your team members allows you to ensure that natural strengths are being used to their fullest.  A team in flow will naturally help each other consistently perform and reduce stress, the number one cause for work place absence.

For trainers and coaches, providing insight and actions that can be measured ensures that your service will have financial value to your clients.  This can protect you against being knocked off the corporate agenda when budgets are cut.

How to Become a Flow Consultant?

We’ve made becoming a Flow Consultant even easier. You can now become accredited by taking our on-line training programme called the Flow Consultant Mission.  Then we highly encourage you to join us for a two day Business Accelerator where we will show you how to incorporate Talent Dynamics into your existing business and help you create your first profitable promotion.  Two day business accelerator workshops are run frequently in the UK and Bali.  The cost of the entire Flow Consultant training, including the Business Accelerator workshop is only USD5000 which includes all your food and accommodation during the business accelerator workshop as well as 15 profile tokens.  There is an ongoing license fee of USD150 per month which provides you with 3 profile tokens every month.

Book onto our free webinar to find out if becoming accredited is right for you or call 441772 634994 to book a free 1-2-1 with one of the team.

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