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The Problem with Performance.

Improving business performance can be a struggle. There are many factors to consider. Yet business performance is rarely down to getting one thing right.

It is in the relationship between factors where results can be improved. Typically when a business needs to improve performance it often cuts the development budget. These activities just don’t have a measurable return on investment.

What You Get as a Performance Consultant.

  • 50 TD test tokens valued at £2500
  • Access to wholesale price profile tests a just £25 (RRP £50)
  • Full set of Facilitators notes/slides and TD reports
  • Videos of the 2 day training and profile debrief examples to access later
  • Your own profile admin area where you can create team graphs/access data and sell/ distribute profiles to clients
  • 1-2-1 Business development mentoring on a regular basis with highly skilled mentors
  • Access to exclusive business development programmes
  • TD Consultants Manual – the how to guide of business development
  • Monthly partner webinars with product knowledge or business development training
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Closed LinkedIn group access to discuss TD ideas and questions

Become a Performance Consultant.

As a Performance Consultant you will receive training in the Talent Dynamics Pathway of tools and strategies that will help your clients identify areas that can be improved in order to find a more productive state called ‘flow’.

Flow is a central concept to the Talent Dynamics Pathway of products and services. In one sense flow can be seen as the link between factors that can improve performance. You probably already know what flow is. Its that state where everything comes naturally, you are not stressed or worried and you find that time passes as you are 100% focused on what you are doing. Imagine an entire business in this state of flow.

The journey to flow starts with the Talent Dynamics Profile Test. It is a tool that allows individual strengths and challenges to be identified and placed within the team dynamic.

A Performance Consultant and the Talent Dynamics Profile Test.

As a Performance Consultant you will get access to the profiling system and reports for £25 and sell them to your clients for £50. This means that as a coach or consultant, for every profile test completed you have an inbuilt margin for your business. As a HR professional you receive a substantial discount to allow you to profile more of your team members. This ensures that the entire team can understand themselves, understand each other and stay in flow.

As part of the Performance Consultant training you will be shown how to run a 1-2-1 profile debrief session so those that take the profile test can get the most from their profile and the profiles of those around them. Our recommended retail price for a debrief is £197. As a coach or consultant this means that the more value you add for your clients the more value you add to your bottom line. As a HR professional, this means that you can support your team directly to help them find and stay in flow.

A Performance Consultant and the Introduction to Talent Dynamics Step One Programme.

As a Performance Consultant you will also be trained to run the Talent Dynamics Step One ‘Introduction to Talent Dynamics’. This is a high impact return on investment workshop that has been designed to accelerate trust and flow.

When teams speed up trust and flow, you see real improvements in business results. The team learn how they can work better together. This isn’t just to achieve a feel good factor. Typically after attending a Step One workshop clients realise at least £100,000 return on investment within 12 months. Often this figure is much higher. One Performance Consultant working with an oil and gas company is helping them to realise over £5 million from a Step One programme.

You can retail this one day workshop for £2,750 for a team of up to 12 participants. Our performance consultants have found that clients really value the financial return of the workshop. This ensures that training doesn’t drop off the corporate agenda.

Performance Consultant Criteria.

The accreditation training is most useful if you already have an existing training or consultancy company. You should have a strong reputation in your market place as a skilled facilitator and you should already be achieving great results with your clients.

Book onto our free webinar to find out if becoming accredited is right for you or call 441772 634994 to book a free 1-2-1 with one of the team.

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