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#Loveweek and creating Flow

We’ve just completed #Loveweek at Talent Dynamics. I saw a video that had been shared on Facebook less than 2 weeks ago with Vishen Lakhiani explaining how they introduced #Loveweek into Mindvalley a few years ago and what an incredible impact it has every year on productivity, as well as happiness at work.

My team thought it was an excellent idea and everyone wanted to play. The fun began immediately that everyone knew who they were to be a secret angel to. Friday afternoon in the office, the week before, may as well have been a half days holiday for everyone, as giggles of excitement and ‘don’t look!’ warnings were being shouted, as people started preparing and researching their angel acts for the following week.

The idea is, that each day you do something or give something to the person you are ‘assigned’ to as a secret angel. It could be: leave them a cup of coffee on their desk, write a card to them, pick a flower… Something special from you to them. The key is of course to understand and know the person you are the angel for so you can do something they REALLY appreciate

As the week went on, we all got more excited about getting into the office to see what our secret angels had done for us! What was even more interesting though was how we all got excited to see what had been done for each other…

The amount of thought that went into the acts were just incredible.

Here’s a few of my favourites from the week:

Hannah opened up this package and just burst into tears of joy! A hand drawn picture of her dog. Hannah said

“It was one of the kindest things anyone had ever done for me.”





When Janet received this card she said:

“This brought a tear to my eye, it was so heart warming to know that my secret angel had put so much thought into this for me”




Penny, who is well known for trying to do well at the dressage with her horse said



“When I opened this I just laughed out loud, so hard!”




Oh and me? Well my angel had really thought about what I like. I love to hear thoughtful words. My friends are supremely important to me and I just adore horses,

“this card brought me to tears with the special words that were also typed inside from a friend to a friend.”

When you make the effort to get to know someone you work with so well and to such depths, you know the triggers for them that can really make them feel loved. It could be something you say, something you do or even something you don’t say or do.

It reminded me of the purpose of building Trust and Flow. When you know someones profile, you know there is a language they speak, a way they like to be interacted with. You know the type of information they are most interested in and how it should be presented. Wether they want the detail or just an overview. You know if they are the kind of person who needs quiet time alone or and if they are the type that thrives on noise and constant interaction.

How well do you know the colleague who sits opposite to you? The one across the corridor?  Or maybe the colleague you never even met who works in the office on the other side of the world?

Do you have a common language that you can speak to make each other feel more valued?

Now, I don’t know wether #loveweek improved productivity or effectiveness in the workplace greatly (my team are very productive already!) but we sure did have an awesome #lovefilledweek!

So Vishen/Mindvalley, thanks for a brilliant idea and experience last week.  Next year we are going to open it up to consultants, clients, friends, suppliers and spread the love EVEN further!


2 Responses to #Loveweek and creating Flow

  1. Jacquie Drake says:

    This is just lovely to read about and I feel loved just to share in what you gave to and received from one another. Wonderful! I can’t wait for the next LoveWeek – but, why wait?

  2. Michelle Clarke says:

    Glad you enjoyed it too Jacquie. Look forward to you being part of it next time too!

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