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Michelle’s August News

As you read this, ill just be boarding a plane and heading off on a mini-world tour with Roger James Hamilton, Creator of Talent Dynamics, as part of his Fast Forward your Business Tour. If you are in Tokyo, Cape Town, Johannesburg or London on these dates, we would love to see you there and you will be privy to some amazing insights about how to future proof your business.

Following the successful launch of TD in Australia earlier this year, I’m really excited to announce that we will be launching TD in Japan and South Africa, with our brand new Master Trainers there, in September, as part of the FFYB tour!

We start the tour in Tokyo with a lavish launch of Talent Dynamics at the British Embassy on the 2nd September. Tamami Ushiki, who heads up Wealth Dynamics in Japan, has become a Master Trainer for Talent Dynamics. Tamami and her team have translated all the materials into Japanese and on 2nd September, 30 HR Directors/Heads of Training, alongside independent coaches and trainers are meeting with us at the Embassy, to see how they can use Talent Dynamics to transform their organisations too (photos etc to follow next month!)

As if that wasn’t enough excitement for one day, today, our lovely new updated website goes live! We have had so many changes in the past year, with us moving at such speed, the website became cluttered and hard to follow – some people said they just couldn’t tell what we did! So we have refreshed and revitalised and updated it, with much more information about our powerful accreditation programmes and how you can become a Performance Consultant. Please check it out and let me know what you think!

Oh and we have had great feedback from the first 50 people we showed our new and updated TD E-guide to, as it comes with a host of other special bonuses too, including a video with my 7 top tips for creating high performing teams! Feel free to download them here.

Have a fabulous flow filled month ahead!


PS Next month ill be able to spill the beans about Talent Dynamics for Selling!! We are creating for you a whole series of E books by profile on the best way for you to sell to other profiles – its gold dust in an E guide!!

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