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Michelle’s January news

Michelle ClarkeI’m writing this, as Master Trainer, Jan flys back to the UK from Johannesburg, where he ran the 5 day Step One Performance Consultant Accreditation workshop with our first ever group of PC’s from South Africa! I skype dialled the group, on Friday last week, to hear their feedback and discuss their next steps. Already, one of the new PC’s on Friday, (in his lunch break) called one of his clients to tell them all about the benefits and they immediately booked a programme with him! Another one of the PC’s was able to supply a key client with 50 profiles straight away. (Not to mention the £1.8M of strategies they uncovered, to implement into their own Training companies) Now that’s what we call Flow…

It’s January and what is January without a January Sale? We are launching the TD for Sales E-Guide this month, with an extraordinary opportunity to get your Sales teams into Flow – Please don’t miss this opportunity as its really limited!

I’m heading to the Gold Coast in Australia, to run an Accreditation workshop next week with Vicky our Master License Holder in Australia. Vicky and the team at IPS Talent are running regular workshops across Australia this year if you want to join us out there as a TD accredited partner. I’ve been told to pack my sun screen – it’s hard to imagine looking outside my office window right now but I’m sure i’ll get used to it 🙂

Have a fabulously Flow filled month ahead!











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