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Michelle's March news

I have been all over the place this month (geographically speaking of course) I was in Brussels for the People Development Summit where I was fortunate enough to meet with some of the UK’s top Heads of Learning and leading Training and Development suppliers.  Its a fabulous event, brilliantly organised and an opportunity to network to my hearts delight! As it happened, I over, uber networked and one evening after a full day of back to back meetings, I attempted to get into someone elses hotel room (which I was adamant was mine) The person whose room it was, caught me and just happened to be one of the Suppliers at the Summit!

As you read this months newsletter I will be arriving in Melbourne, Australia, where i’ll be officially launching Talent Dynamics with Roger James Hamilton, (creator of Wealth Dynamics and Talent Dynamics) during his country wide tour of events  (I know, I get all the tough jobs round here!) Jan and I will then be back over in Australia, during the final week of June to run the first ever open TD Accreditation workshop in the country! More details on this and the UK June programme here…

We already have a US resident booked on the Australian Accreditation workshop in June and 3 South Africans heading over for the UK workshop amongst others…

Have a fabulous month ahead!


PS Next month, we will have details of a special webinar, we are hosting in May with one of the UK’s Top HR Directors and experts on Trust in Organisations…

PPS For those that have been asking and cajoling me to action… The affiliate site for the Talent Dynamics Profile Test will go live mid-April. More news on that to follow soon…

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