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Michelle’s September news

Sharing some case studies in Cape Town

I’ve had a sensational September, travelling to new places and meeting new faces with lots of firsts… First time in a British Embassy overseas, first time on safari!

I joined Roger James Hamilton, creator of Wealth Dynamics and Talent Dynamics on tour for the month. Roger was running his Fast Forward your Business event in Tokyo, London, Johannesburg and Cape Town and so I took the opportunity to share the Talent Dynamics Performance Consultant Accreditation in all these cities too. We now have our first 2 workshops in Japan and South Africa booked and filled for November and January respectively.

It was my first time in a British Embassy overseas and first time in Japan and it was particularly exciting that I was  presenting and launching TD right there in the Embassy in Tokyo! Thanks very much to the UKTI for supporting us with such a grand venue – Our guests really enjoyed the experience. They needed to bring their passports just to be able to attend! We had some great new PC’s join us in Japan, including the Head of Training for Body Shop and a member of the Fujitsu team that created the worlds fastest super computer!

On stage in Johannesburg with Roger Hamilton

It was also my first time in South Africa and as soon as we landed in Johannesburg on the Friday, we hopped on the next flight over to Kruger National Park where Roger, Penny and myself spent the weekend on safari!

We then went on to fill an accreditation workshop in South Africa as well.

Taking a mid tour break, with a safari at the Kruger National Park!

I’ll be heading out to Bali mid October with Jan our Master Trainer. Twice a year we take time out as a team, to work on our business plan. For one of those planning sessions, someone from the team heads out to Vision Villas in Bali, where we attend Rogers Wealth Dynamics Masters programme.

This year, I’ve been asked to join the mentor panel, which I’m really excited about and Jan is participating on the programme. Tamami our Master license holder  in Japan will be there too, along with some of the Performance Consultants from around the world, so it’s going to be a lot of fun!

Have a fabulous flow filled month ahead!


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