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Only 17 percent of the workforce believe they use all their strengths on the job

“Research data shows that most people do not come close to making full use of their assets at work – in fact, only 17 percent of the workforce believe they use all of their strengths on the job.”  from the book “Go put your strengths to work” by Marcus Buckingham

This is a sad statistic for us here at TDHQ and its our personal quest to change it for the better. We fundamentally believe that everyone has a right to experience flow and be in flow. Time and time again, where we see trust and flow occurring at a greater rate in the workplace, we find people enjoying their jobs, having fun and creating results that far outdo the competition.

Marcus Buckingham knows that where people focus on using their strengths, they create more success and feel more fulfilled. Actually, its not just your strengths, because you can learn to become strong at something thats not your natural talent. Its also important to focus your time, where you have the most enjoyment. When you couple the thing you are the best at, with the thing you enjoy doing the most and you are placed in a role where you can spend the majority of your time doing just that, its just so much more fun! Wouldn’t that make you want to come to work more often? Would it allow you to feel more valued? Would it feel less like work and much more enjoyable? Of course, we’ve heard clients, after they have changed their accountabilities, say exactly that!

It can be difficult for some people to believe that you can focus on your natural Talents and make that into a full time role and a valuable career. We were taught as children at school, that when we got a bad grade in a subject, we had to give it more time and attention to improve, we weren’t encouraged naturally to focus on the subjects we excelled at. Then, when we got a job, we were put into roles that maybe suited us but we were given accountabilities that didnt suit our Talents and were then sent on workshops to learn more about them and improve those areas! Good feedback was placed on the Appraisal around natural Talents but just as in the school report, the other areas often said “must do better in…”

If you want to improve the level of Trust and Flow in your team, why not conduct your own poll in the office and find out how many of your team feel that they use all of their strenghths in the role they are in. You may be suprised by the responses. Do drop us a line and let us know…

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