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Beauteco Submitted by Laura Carrick Talent Dynamics Performance Consultant

Why we were asked to work with Beauteco Submitted by Laura Carrick Talent Dynamics Performance Consultant

The outcome that Beauteco were looking to achieve was to help the team become more involved in the bigger picture in the salon. The team worked well together already, but needed to be more involved and proactive

What we did

We did a full day step one programme where we explored each of the team member’s individual strengths, how they worked together and why there may be some gaps in communication due to the different communication preferences and styles displayed in the diversity of profiles within the team.

We spent a great deal of time uncovering the current value that the team had within it and how they could leverage that to continue on their growth phase in the business. We also spent time showing the team how they could get the personal results they wanted from their careers by adding value in the business.

Whom we worked with in the Enterprise

We worked with the entire team consisting of the 2 owners and the 3 team members.

Programme timings

A one day programme in November 2012

How the programme has impacted

From a productivity perspective, room and therapist utilisation has increased from 47% to an average of 69% (which is in line with industry benchmarks)

Turnover has increased by 76% and the salon is now showing a healthy profit for its coming year end in September.

The team now understand how their individual and team performance impacts the end result. As such each team member has taken on individual responsibilities and has become more engaged with the entire business development.

There is now a weekly progress report and accountability catch up with each person, so everyone remains focused on the outcomes. There is on-going and increased recognition of ability, commitment and effort put in.

Effective succession planning has ensured that Gisela can securely leave her business in the hands of her newly appointed management support team allowing her to focus on creating more with the business and the brand, with peace of mind.

Absence is virtually non-existent and staff turnover has reduced to zero

“Without doubt this was probably the best training programme I have encountered and I have been on quite a few. Involving the whole team was key and now they have no hesitation in coming forward with ideas whether they be better ways of doing things or new treatment/product/marketing ideas.”

Gisela Cleary
Managing Director, Beauteco Ltd

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