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Britvic GB Procurement Leadership Team by Helen Williamson Step 1 and Step 2 Accredited Performance Consultant

Why we were asked to work with Britvic GB Procurement Leadership Team by Helen Williamson Step 1 and Step 2 Accredited Performance Consultant

The Britvic GB Procurement Leadership Team is in the process of implementing their Transformation Change, programme to deliver improved efficiencies and effective ways of working, and drive sustainable growth for the company.

The programme is a key initiative which has been approved by the CET and has now moved from the “forming” stage. The team members are in their new roles, aligned to the transformational change programme’s requirements, and they are progressing through the “storming” stage, and into the next stage of establishing a high performance team, the “norming”.

As part of their Organisational Development approach, and recognising the challenges that this particular team would need to handle, the Leader of this team wanted to provide the environment where they took the learnings both the “forming” and “storming” stages, and establish the ability for them to move in to the “norming“, and then onto “performing” as quickly as possible, and deliver the benefits to the business.

What we did

A Step One workshop on the Talent Dynamics Business Development Pathway was arranged.

Before the workshop each team member, including the HR lead for this function, received their personal Talent Dynamics Profile reports and an individual debrief. We invested the time for the whole team to understand their profile and the profiles of the other team members.

This really kick-started the processes for them to begin to understand better the best way to create value within their team and how to leverage each other. They started to have some real “aha” moments and to understand where individuals were most “in” and “out” of flow and how this could be impacting both their results and the level of motivation within the team.

They were able to see opportunities to give key activities to different individuals within the team which would take them into flow, and also identified previous unknown areas where individuals were out of flow.

This forum provided an excellent environment for openness between individuals that allowed productive conversations that would drive improved motivation and performance. They also began to understand why they reacted differently as individuals to change, and how they can support each other better during the different stages of change to help maintain this.

In particularly seeing their team profile, significantly raised their awareness and allowed them to consciously appreciate the excellent mix of strengths that each of them brings to the team and to the activities that they are there to do. It has started to strengthened the team bond and that the “Power of Whole is greater than The Power of the Individual”.

They experienced a unique process of creating trust and flow using the Talent Dynamic model.

Whom we worked with in the Enterprise

Britvic GB Procurement Executive Leadership Team and the HR lead for this function.

Programme timings

One step programme arranged in Sept. 2012

How the programme has impacted

The change in the type and depth of conversation that the team has was immediate, creating openness and an immediate understanding and correlation of the alignment of individual strengths to key business activities and when not; the impact on working relationships and performance.

There has been a much greater awareness, not just of, where their individual value lies, but they can now see more clearly how they can effectively capitalise on each other’s talents to create improved results. It has also increased their awareness of their potential blind spots, so that they can consciously deal with these, to enable better and more complete solutions to be achieved.

This has facilitated a review of their ways of working to take full advantage of this new understanding and to align key activities with those where it uses their strengths and for them to “be in flow” and to be at their best. It also allows recognition, and a better ability to deal with those essential tasks that need to happened even when that may not be an individual’s preference.

It has given them a language and context which allows them to have the right conversations to steer this team forward, their teams, and with their key stakeholders, Already individuals have taken the learnings from this and applied it to having better conversations which accelerates involvement and collaboration, and arriving at better solutions. It is beginning to remove what was potentially seen previously as friction, and begin to change that to traction forward.

It has also facilitated this team talking about and taking action on better ways of communicating between them as a team, and that what was previously seen potentially as a lack of trust, was a lack of understanding. They are establishing a regular slot at their executive meeting to discuss specific concerns aligned to where they are “out of flow” and the need to bring individuals and their activities back “in to flow” where possible, or what are the alternative ways to handle this together as a team, and support each through the difficult patches, and still maintain performance.

This will continue building a trust between them that allows the “real” issues to be dealt with, and for them to become more connected as a team, with an increased confidence and resilience that they are able to deal with further changes and be able maintain morale and performance during significant change. They can now see how they can complement each other, which as they build on that will continue to lead to further collaboration, and an improvement in morale and motivation of individuals.

They are also using the Talent Dynamics pentagon to review situations to see how this can help unblock blocks and then move them back into flow.

As the trust and flow continues to increase this will inevitably lead to an increase in revenue and the bottom line.

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