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Minola Salons

Why we were asked to work with Minola Salons

Michelle was in the process of setting up in business after several years trading as a beauty therapist in another salon and had very little experience in entrepreneurship. The outcomes she wanted were to develop her leadership skills and to create strategies for successfully opening her first salon. The first Minola Salon was opened in June 2010.

What we did

Michelle undertook Step One and Step Two on Talent Dynamics Pathway at the Individual Level. She started to work with her dedicated Performance Consultant to set and create the Enterprise Vision two months before the Salon opened. Michelle was supported during this time through the creation of a very specific and robust strategy, one that resonated with her Talent Dynamics Profile and with the enterprise she wanted to create.

Michelle’s Performance Consultant worked with her on a monthly basis, supporting her through the implementation of her strategy, challenging her thinking and ensuring that her Enterprise Vision/KPIs were being delivered consistently.

Whom we worked with in the Enterprise

The owner/director of Minola Salons

Programme timings

Michelle had constant access to a Talent Dynamics Pathway Performance Consultant who also held one-to-one consultations on a monthly basis.

How the programme has impacted

Within one month, Michelle had increased retail sales directly by 500%. The Salon smashed its opening targets by 400%. Repeat business from new customers is running at 95%.

Within three months, the Salon had so much demand for business that they took on three new therapists and two receptionists. Opening hours have extended from five to seven days a week and current plans for Christmas trading include 24 hour opening.

Minola is in the process of launching its e-commerce site which is conservatively estimated to add an additional 100% to retail sales in its first three months.

Michelle has now extended the use of Talent Dynamics Pathway to her entire team. Talent Dynamics is running Step One with them as a team in October and we will share a case study of what happens next in April 2011.

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