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The Construction Skills Training Centre by Vicky Jennings, Talent Dynamics Master Trainer

Why we were asked to work with The Construction Skills Training Centre by Vicky Jennings, Talent Dynamics Master Trainer

The Construction Skills Training Centre (CSTC) is the largest private construction training provider in Queensland, Australia.

Their aim is to reflect best practice standards for the industry by maintaining a commitment to the training and development of industry workers. This training is essential for personal growth, employment opportunities and safety in the workplace.

The team at CSTC had recognised a need for improved communication to experience greater flow in their business and results. They wanted a unique team building programme which would enable them to bring two teams operating independantly, together.

What we did

We ran our one day Understanding Primary Purpose workshop with the team at CSTC. Once they understood the value that each team member contributed to the organsation, they identified better ways to work together by moving team accountabilities to suit the individual team member and their natural talents and strengths. Since then they have also used the TD profile test on short- listed candidates when filling new vacancies in the organisation. By identifying people who were in the right role to match their TD profile, they were able to use TD as a reverse recruiting tool as well.

Whom we worked with in the Enterprise

The operational team.

Programme timings

One day workshop.

How the programme has impacted

Jackie, the office manager has used the profiles to re-allocate tasks to her teams based on their natural talents and strengths. This has worked so well that the administration team now voluntarily divide up the tasks according to their profiles, without management intervention, leveraging their talents with each other. This has produced a highly skilled, productive and motivated team.

Once the administration and training teams understood the value that each of the teams bring to the organisation, far greater team harmony was created than ever before due to a group of people now working in flow. Although they have fewer staff, they produce a greater output, which is saving money.

Before the workshop, all trainers were responsible for selling training places.

Since the workshop, only trainers who have a complimentary profile to a sales function have been chosen to sell their programmes. This has increased the number of enrolments and revenue by 20% only six months after the one day workshop!

We have experienced absolutely amazing results! The relationship between trainers and administration staff – by knowing everyone’s profile – has changed the communication between the two teams.

By understanding each other’s value to the organisation, we have seen a 75% improvement in communication. I don’t know how a team couldn’t achieve these results after implementing Talent Dynamics.

Jackie Choqueot
Office Manager, CSTS

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