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Learning for Performance submitted by Neville Pritchard Talent Dynamics Performance Consultant

Case study collected after Accreditation

"Talent Dynamics has given this business a reason to exist; a value seen and valued by clients and a service that truly makes a difference for them"

Why Neville Pritchard became a Step One Performance Consultant

Neville had a very successful training and consulting business operating in the UK and Europe with very well-known brand clients. Having personally had some time out of the business he wanted to get straight back into it creating some major momentum and a new value at speed.

To meet his new challenge he focused on one of his companies which was a start-up organisation. It had a wide range of offerings and thoughts, minimal resources and a as a result a genuine need to focus. There was a need to review why it existed; to define and refine its value proposition. It needed a sense of direction and to get going it required prioritised actions.

What Neville Pritchard has been doing to create Flow

Having utilised the Talent Dynamics approaches on him and his support team the company’s proposition became four distinct propositions blending different profiles to work together in ways that will maximise flow for all. This has ultimately resulted in four organisations with a different team in each, all progressing their respective propositions. All of those involved have been able to work where they are most in flow generating a fabulous energy to all and enabling each to provide a positive energy to clients. Learning for Performance has been the lead organisation from where lessons can be applied across and it’s clarity has helped Neville to maintain in flow throughout the set up period and the initial six months.

Within Learning for Performance Ltd the focus of Coaching and Performance Consulting for teams, and individuals within teams, has enabled a genuine proposition to be developed. Neville has worked with several clients in the past 6 months using the profiles, taster events and Step 1 on the Talent Dynamics Pathway.

This has led the development and now the additional organisations are being developed in parallel for launch in the New Year bringing similar approaches to different markets and with different emphasis.

Who Neville Pritchard has worked with using TD in the past

Neville has worked with (with work still on-going):

• An HR team in a major telecoms organization
• A County council in four separate departments
• A London based charity
• AN HR team in Financial services

He has just started to work with

• Small and medium sized business leaders in Buckinghamshire & West of Scotland
• A Birmingham based charity

When Neville Pritchard was Accredited

Neville was accredited as a Step One Performance Consultant in April 2012

How being a Step One Performance Consultant has impacted results

Since being accredited 6 months ago, Neville has added £25k to his own organisation’s bottom line and over £510k of efficiency and revenue value to his clients.

The four propositions have progressed independently, each with its own energy and potential for good. Learning for Performance has seen £12000 additional revenue in the first 6 months as a result of the application of and use of Talent Dynamics. Combined with associated organisation benefits of a further £13000, this has seen an overall increase of £25000 in six months additional organisation turnover attributable to Talent Dynamics

Client organisations have seen the potential for over £510,000 in realisable savings and benefits.

The need to spread the load and work with more people who add specific value to the organisation has been achieved. This has meant a manageable workload; one that has been in flow for most of the time. This in itself is worth a lot to Neville.

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