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Vicky Jennings Step Two Performance Consultant – Brisbane, Australia

Case study collected 2 and a half years after Accreditation

“Our Australian RTO (registered training organisation) doubled its revenue in the last 6 months since I became a Talent Dynamics Performance Consultant and implemented the strategies in our business. 2 and a half years later we are turning over multi-million dollars, so its x11 from where we started. My team are having more fun and feeling much more connected to the organisation than ever before, they are doing what they love and loving what they do. And getting paid for that! One client alone is set to generate over $1M of additional revenue from a one day programme I ran with them. Typically clients note a 20% - 100% increase in revenue after 6 months.”

Why Vicky Jennings became a Step Two Performance Consultant

Vicky was already familiar with Wealth Dynamics (our sister company for enterpreneurs) and runs a very successful RTO in Australia. A few years ago the RTO became a licensed model that now operates across Australia with RTO heads in different states.

The RTO specialises in the civil construction industry offering a large variety of qualifications and certificates that are nationally recognised. With key contacts in large organisations Vicky was set up already in a great position to leverage using our product and programmes with her existing clients base.

What Vicky Jennings has been doing to create Flow

Within a month of being accredited at Step One level, Vicky immediately came back to the office and profiled and reviewed her own RTO team. Having realised that team members had accountabilities that were not adding to overall Flow she re-structured her team. Financial results and productivity increases were seen immediately.

Vicky started to run Taster Sessions with key CEO’s from her existing database of clients. 1 Taster Session a month location based which has now become a monthly webinar run all across Australia. These Taster Sessions have been a great lead generator to programmes and profiles with an 80% conversion rate.

The team have been building TD profiles into their client proposals as part of ongoing training and development which has led to major contracts with significant numbers of profiles being used by clients.

One client discovered that the wrong profiles in the team were responsible for selling, explaining poor results. After the session the team was rearranged to ensure that suitable profiles were responsible for selling. Soon after they noticed a 20% increase in enrolments adding $1 million to the bottom line

Who Vicky Jennings has worked with using TD in the past 2 and a half years

The IPS Team and Partners
Boston Recruitment
Terry White Management
Construction Skills Training Centre
The Australian Defence Force
Training for You
Australian Institute of Management
Brisbane City Council
2 Relate
GMC Global
Transformation and Change
Morris Accountants
Manufacturing Skills Queensland
Construction Skills Queensland
Pacific Petroleum

When Vicky Jennings was Accredited

Vicky was accredited as a Step One Performance Consultant in July 2011 and within 6 months of attending the workshop had doubled turnover in her own business.

How being a Step Two Performance Consultant has impacted results

Business turnover has doubled within 6 months and is on target to quadruple in the next 6 months.

The team are happier, there is so much more laughter and fun in the office.

The first Taster Session ran with a group of CEO’s resulted in $40,000 of orders. Within 1 month of moving the Lord from customer facing to an analytical role $100,000 of outstanding debts were recovered internally.

A member of the IPS team about to leave as she was so out of Flow and unhappy, has since been promoted into a leadership role and was awarded a commendation (never heard of) from the Department of Education and Training for her submission for re-registration of the RTO.

An RTO client who completed a 1 day programme generated over $1M of new processes and strategies they can implement this year.

A HR team in a large national company were able to document their value to the organisation in a business case at a time when redundancies were occurring. No one in their team were made redundant.

Using TD for Sales product, Vicky’s personal sales conversion rates have increased by 50%.

Having the team in flow has freed up Vicky’s time so that she now operates in her flow all the time. Allowing her to be away from the organisation for up to 3 months without any detrimental effects.

Attraction is increasing - a Chinese delegation of 20 heads of government is visiting IPS in March and have requested a TD Taster Session!

Vicky Jennings Testimonial

Talent Dynamics - Vicky Jennings Step Two Performance Consultant – Brisbane, Australia
Talent Dynamics - Vicky Jennings Step Two Performance Consultant – Brisbane, Australia
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