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Performance Management

Performance management is about behavior and results. 

Talent Dynamics is focused at speeding up the levels of Trust, which quickly improve behaviour (leading to Revenues) and increasing the amount of Flow, which impacts bottom line results (leading to Profit)

Improvements in these areas occur between individuals, entire teams and between the business and your clients very quickly when you apply the principles of Talent Dynamics.

As a coach, HR professional or business leader you can become accredited to use the Talent Dynamics Pathway with your clients or your team, leading them to massively improved sustainable results.

Want to find out more first? Join us for a value packed free online training, where we will show you how Talent Dynamics works for you and your team and what it can mean for your business.

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Value packed free online training where we show you how Talent Dynamics works and what it can mean for your business.


Flow Consultant

Use our Profile Test to discover value and unlock potential in team members

As a Flow Consultant work with individual team members to improve their self-awareness and find what value they bring to the team. Share actions that can be taken to improve performance and track the financial impact.

Performance Consultant

Add Talent Dynamics to your toolbox to improve Business Development and track ROI from Training and Strategy

As a Performance Consultant work with key business teams in organisations to improve team work, identify opportunities and rapidly create new business goals with linked measurements.

Find a Consultant

Discover your closest Talent Dynamics consultant and find out more about them

Search the globe for your closest Talent Dynamics Flow or Performance Consultant who has been trained and accredited in the Talent Dynamics Pathway.

Five Levels of Enterprise

There are five levels to business.  These levels are where performance can be improved with results that scale both upwards through the business and down to the individual.

Free online training

Personal Performance Management

The focus of Talent Dynamics is in looking at the value of the individual in the team.   This is either a meeting with the CEO or a workshop with leaders of  teams in the business.  This is best for companies with a focus on an individual’s performance prior to work on the team.

Team Performance Management

The team is the most common entry point of Talent Dynamics training. It is where the results really build. One team within the enterprise is put forward for a workshop.  This group becomes a model for success that can be seen.  When the full effect start to flow Talent Dynamics is brought into other teams in the business.

Divisional Performance Management

This is for corporations with divisions that need to improve the value they bring to the group as a whole. This training is useful after individual teams have understood their Talent Dynamics profiles and the value they bring.  It highlights gaps and supports plans to bridge those areas and improve results.

Enterprise Performance Management

This is the starting point for smaller companies who operate as one team.  It is also the next step for larger companies who are looking for solutions across the enterprise.

Stakeholder Performance Management

The end point for companies who see the power of Talent Dynamics in building trust and flow in all areas of their business. This session involves people from all stakeholder groups. The training is eye-opening for staff and customers and lead to solutions that bring the groups of the business together.

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