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What is covered in the Talent Dynamics Profile Results

  1. Your Talent Dynamics Profile

    This shows you the most natural activities you should focus on to stay in flow.

  2. Role Models Who Share Your Profile

    Which famous role models you should study and learn from.

  3. Your Strengths & Weaknesses

    What gets you into your flow. What are distractions and what are opportunities.

  4. How to Create Value using Your Profile

    How to channel your strengths in a way that the world responds favorably to.

  5. Talent Frequency breakdown

    So you can see your balance of energy and understand why you do what you do.

  6. The Value You Need to Own

    How to take even small amounts of value and get it into the hands of many. Roles to increase / destroy trust and flow.

If you are the leader of a team we can also give you a team profile based upon the individual profiles within the team.  This can help you assess where the holes are and identify the types of profiles you need for a particular role based on the people who are most successful at that role.  For example Stars make the best sales people and Supporters the best team leaders.  It can also identify how to treat the team as a whole, what language to use and how to get the best out of them.

Talent Dynamics is all about using and concentrating on individual and team strengths, passion and natural talent.  A team in flow is more productive.  We have many activities and workshops to help a company achieve their goals.

Please email us for more information on how we can facilitate this with you.

Why does this work?

Talent Dynamics works because it delivers results in performance and profitability while aligning your team to the spirit and purpose at the heart of your organisation.

Being in flow means not only performing the role you are naturally talented at but also enabling flow for each one of your colleagues. That way you can leverage each other and, as a team, start breaking through the performance barrier.

Trust, communication and performance accelerate: Procrastination, apathy and unexplained absences decrease while the team (and the whole enterprise), becomes a joy to work in. You, your team and your enterprise start making massive breakthroughs in performance, productivity and profit.

Let’s Begin …

So, which style is right for you? …Take the test

It only takes 20 minutes, and remember there are no right or wrong answers … only what is true for you!

Take the test and discover your profile today. We will send you everything you need to take the test, so you can choose to complete it now (recommended), or complete it when you have 20 minutes of un-interrupted time.

Take the Profile Test

I'd heard about Talent Dynamics and decided to take the test and debrief. I'm so glad I did as it has been extremely insightful and has really helped me to focus some key, value adding development activity as a result. It was such a huge help in understanding my drivers and behaviours and has become a critical reference tool for me, not only in understanding myself but also in what sort of work and situations I deal best with, as well as how I interact with my team and my stakeholders. I'd totally recommend it to anyone!

Andrea Morrison
HR Consultant - Royal Bank of Scotland

I now understand why completing some of my accountabilities sometimes feels like swimming against the current. I have recognised what I am naturally good at and I am now incorporating this in to my work life more effectively.

Justin Kyriakou
Runshaw Business College

Undertaking a profile review has helped me with my leadership development and will serve as an enabler to further develop those around me to substantially grow Enterprise4All.

Ilyas Munshi
Enterprise4All (North West) Ltd

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