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Put your trust in new business for the new!

Nicci Bonfanti Master Trainer TD for sales

It’s the busiest time of year, no doubt about that : your social calendar is the busiest at this time of year, everyone in the household has events going on, you’re winding down your business for the year and aiming towards your well earned holiday for a couple of weeks.

It’s easy with all that going on to think that you can worry about 2014 when it gets here!

But a little bit of planning and “seeding” of ideas with your clients now could go a long way to making next year successful from the offset. By building on the trust you have in your business now means you don’t start the new year with a blank diary and empty pipeline of prospects.

Dynamo profiles are trusted for their innovation

Your clients may be wondering what new ideas you’ve got for next year, so give them a taster now in anticipation of any launches you have planned for 2014. You don’t have to be explicit or have all the details – just get a launch date in their diaries and something to think about so you are in their minds over the Christmas break.

Blaze profiles are trusted for their people skills and the loyalty they inspire in others.

If you are a Blaze profile, who do you know targets a similar audience to you and you trust them to give a good service to your clients?  You could team up with someone and bundle your services or offer your services to each other’s clientele. Approach your potential Joint Venture partners now over a Christmas drink to sow the seed of the idea and book follow up meetings for the new year.

Tempo Profiles are trusted for their customer service and timely delivery.

I had to ask my Tempo friends about this!  What they are doing is following up all outstanding leads, tidying up loose ends, not to keep anyone hanging around for an answer over the Christmas break. And planning a campaign to catch up with all contacts who haven’t been contacted for the last 6 months. Consider a New Year’s greeting card or gift for your key clients or prospects so it stands out instead of getting lost amongst all the others before Christmas.

Steel profiles are trusted for their analytical skills and attention to detail.

This is the time for closing the business, reconciling the books even if it isn’t your company year end. This analysis can help your planning for next year. Analyse all the clients you have worked with this year, see which products or services have been your best selling and plan how you can use that analysis  for planning new campaigns for growth for 2014. You could send your clients a report of it so they are aware of all the services you do that may be relevant to them.

Where is the trust in your business? What can you do now in the last few working days of the year that will ensure you are in your prospects’ minds as soon as business is open in the New Year?

Then you can relax over the holidays! Merry Christmas.

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