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Roger Hamilton Blog: Talent Dynamics for Schools: The Gen Y Revolution

Over 40,000 entrepreneurs around the world are now using the Wealth Dynamics system , and in the last year the philosophy of flow behind Wealth Dynamics is being applied to corporations through Talent Dynamics, led by Michelle Clarke. This summer, Roger Hamilton has been busy re-crafting the test for the launch of Talent Dynamics for Schools. This system will be launching in the UK with 500 students in July, via the HERO programme.

Roger James Hamilton has become more actively involved in student education this year, with his two daughters at the Green School in Bali. He has connected the Green School with SuperCamp, the world’s leader in student enrichment camps, to run a Junior Green SuperCamp in July and a Senior Green SuperCamp in December. As Roger says “Gen Y is all about a generation asking that question at a deeper level – “Why am I doing what I’m doing; Why are we treating each other poorly; Why are we mistreating the environment; Why are we settling for a basic job when instead we could be starting a movement?”. In the Wealth Dynamics philosophy, the question “Why” represents water, which is the first of the five steps of all

via Roger Hamilton XL Blog: Talent Dynamics for Schools: The Gen Y Revolution.

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