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Michelle's September News

Michelle Clarke - Head of Talent Dynamics

Those that know me well, know that I love to learn new skills. This month I’ve had a crash course in Web hosting, WordPress usage, RSS feeds, Web spiders and all kinds of web related stuff! Josh and Jeremy are very patient with me when explaining. Being an extrovert, with an activist learning style, I just want to get on with it and ask heaps of questions!

Thanks to so many people who gave feedback on the launch of the new website and the new What is Talent Dynamics video.  It was really gratefully received. We have made some amends already and have scheduled in more over the coming months based on some of the messages you sent us.

One of the cool features on the new site (if you use Facebook) is that you can log into our community blog section, be a friend or comment on the blog posts and connect with others.  Just click on the right side of the blog page where it invites you to sign in through Facebook and follow the Facebook connect instructions.

Check out this blog on how to unblock common blocks to flow. In it, we share an exercise that you can easily facilitate at your next team meeting. Let me know if you try it, what impact it has!

If you want to keep up with latest trends in business and people development or learn about the different Talent Dynamics Profiles, then you can also sign up with the RSS button at the top right of the website where the social media icons are displayed.

Have a great month ahead!


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