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Sir Bob Geldof to give keynote speech at second annual Global Trust Conference in London

London, UK (24 July, 2014) – The second annual Global Trust Conference takes place at The Grange Tower Bridge Hotel in London on Thursday 11th of September, 2014, featuring Sir Bob Geldof as keynote speaker. Pioneers and thought leaders of various disciplines such as HR, Talent Management and Recruitment are invited to share their findings and strategies at the event, with an aim to explore the meaning and measure of trust in a business context. At the heart lies the notion that trust is a principle economic driver that can be measured and improved.

Building on the success of last year, the 2014 Global Trust Conference provides a collaboration zone for vendors and spotlights the importance for businesses to build trust in order to achieve financial success. In addition to Sir Bob, other high-profile speakers will include the author of New York Times and Wall Street Journal #1 bestseller The Speed of Trust, Stephen MR Covey; Brain Researcher and award-winning UCLA professor, Dario Nardi; Futurist, Social Entrepreneur, creator of Wealth Dynamics and Talent Dynamics, Roger James Hamilton; Director of People Experiences for, Hollie Delaney; Social Digital Entrepreneur, author and Founder of Digital Youth Academy, Penny Power OBE; Chairman of Buy1GIVE1, Paul Dunn; and bestselling business author and world renowned business speaker Mike Southon as MC.

Spearheading the ‘Trust Movement’, Michelle Clarke previously served as Head of Leadership Development at Marks & Spencer PLC for 15 years before starting her business, ‘Talent Dynamics,’ which operates in 20 countries around the world. Clarke, who is hosting this year’s Global Trust Conference, explains:

“High Trust is a measure that you are delivering value consistently to your market or team. There is a direct correlation between the success of an organisation and the level of trust they hold in the eyes of their employees and customers. We know firsthand that trust can be measured, improved and mended, if broken, as long as the same set of principles are followed. It’s no wonder that high-trust companies are outperforming their competitors ten to one.”

Drawing upon her own documented experience in using trust within a business in order to increase revenues, Clarke started ‘Talent Dynamics’ in 2009 with an aim to adapt the principles of Roger James Hamilton’s ‘Wealth Dynamics’ strategy and apply them to teams in the corporate sector. In less than five years she has grown ‘Talent Dynamics’ to operate with over 300 license holders across the globe.

Clarke continues: “We are thrilled to bring the Global Trust Conference back to London for a second year running and honoured to have Sir Bob as keynote speaker. With banks and entire economies collapsing around us, and governments exposed in cover-up scandals, it’s not difficult to see why consumers are left wondering who they can put their trust in and to what extent.”

In conjunction with the Global Trust Conference, the platform B1G1: Business for Good will release its brand new ‘Shake the World’ app, which allows users to donate pure, life-saving water to someone in need with a simple ‘water shake’ of their mobile device, sponsored by a host of B1G1’s small business clients around the world.

Shake the World is available in the App Store and on Google Play now:

The Global Trust Conference takes place at The Grange Tower Bridge Hotel in London on Thursday 11th of September from 8 am to 6 pm. For more information, please visit

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