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Talent Dynamics for Schools Update

Everyone has a fundamental right to experience Flow

Talent Dynamics for Schools is the fastest way to grow flow for the next generation!

Alison Sadler from Blackpool HERO contacted us about becoming an accredited Talent Dynamics Performance Consultant when she heard that we were going to be launching Talent Dynamics for schools. Alison and her team had already experienced the power of Talent Dynamics in the workplace as last year we ran a programme with them, helping them to devise a plan that allowed them continuity as an organisation, after the government funding that previously ran them, had ceased. Click here to see the case study.

HERO is an incredible organisation, that champions Enterprise Education in and around Lancashire. Having understood the impact of Talent Dynamics on their own team Flow and revenues, they were keen to be the first group to pilot and use Talent Dynamics for schools, to introduce Flow to young people.

Launch Yourself Event – Blackburn July 7th

HERO have a one day programme aimed at 14-16 year olds called ‘Launch Yourself’ – An incredibly inspiring one day programme that opens the minds of young people to the possibilities of their future. It gives them access to real pepole who have used Enterprise as the vehicle for their success. People like Daniel Priestley and Jane Kenyon who shared their stories and learning on the day.

We profiled, in advance of the day, all 300 of the students attending the one day programme as well as all their teachers and sent them personalised reports and graphs. The TDS questionnaire has been adapted to make the test much more user friendly and specific for 9-16 year olds. The ensuing report is also more specific for them and easier to understand as well. It talks about the best roles in school for young people to maximise trust and flow – it has examples of which of the 8 profiles, the characters of Star Wars are!

The students got into a fun exercise with me that demonstrated the real differences between the profiles and they were asking some really amazing questions about how to get in and stay in Flow. How to tell what profiles other people were and how they could use this new knowledge today and for their futures.

Of course, they understood and picked up the principles of Flow immediately!

My favorite part of the Talent Dynamics session, was during the exercise debrief with the students and teachers. One of the teachers stood up and declared from the conversations they had during the session that: 

“We now need to find a way to teach the different profiles in the way they most like to be engaged and taught” – This received a big round of applause from the students and from me too!

We are now developing the ‘Talent Dynamics for Schools Pathway’ suite of products alongside HERO, which will include training interventions at the key stages of development and learning for 9, 11, 14 and 16 year olds.

Currently, Alison from HERO is the only Performance Consultant in the world, accredited to work with Talent Dynamics for Schools. For more information on TDS and how your School can benefit, please contact direectly

If you are a Training company or consulting supplier to Education and are interested in becoming accredited to use TDS as one of your tools, please contact with TDS as your subject header to find out more from our team.

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