Ann Baret Talent Dynamics
Flow Consultant

Ann Baret is a Flow Consultant in the
Talent Dynamics Pathway.

After having qualified in Accounting and Economics, I spent over  20 years in both the larger Corporate Environment  and smaller enterprises responsible for Finance, HR and IT.  During this time I realised that my real passion lies in empowerment and personal development.

I then followed the ICF accredited Consciousness Coaching® training programme and qualified as a Certified Consciousness Coach® (CCC) and registered with ComenSA. I further qualified as flow consultant for Talent Dynamics.

I bring my 20 years of experience in the corporate world with my in-depth knowledge of human change and a passion not only for excellence but for transformation. Information and motivation has a place, I know …. but transformation, now that gets my juices flowing!


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Team dynamics is one of the overlooked parts of a business. Yet it affects so much of a how a business operates, from the individual in the team to the company as a collection of teams to the entire market place.

If a team is out of sync or out of flow, things happen slowly or at worst not at all, accuracy levels decrease, absence increases, motivation is lacking and an unhealthy degree of competitiveness enters the workplace. The team members fail to trust one another.  The team fails to work effectively.  The business suffers.  Does this problem sound familiar?

When looking at a business you need to identify areas where value and trust is lacking and how team work is being blocked.  Ann Baret is accredited to insights into the profiles of the Talent Dynamics pathway. S/he can help you improve and manage performance in individuals.

Imagine a team that worked well together, could anticipate each other and could back each other up. A team fully ‘in flow’. What economic impact would that have on your business or organisation?

Every person has something of value they bring to the team, a strength or a talent. This needs to be harnessed and encouraged to bring value to the team and increase the level of trust.

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