I have solutions designed to help teams and businesses.  Each business and team has its own needs so these solutions are based around your business and your team profiles.

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Taster Session.

This is a two hour session that lets you see how Talent Dynamics can help unlock the potential in your organisation.  Each team member receives their personal Talent Dynamics Profile Report.  This shows their strengths and weaknesses.  The session will introduce the best ways to create value in your team and to use it to its fullest potential.

It is a great way to see the results that the Talent Dynamics Pathway can achieve.  It lets you see what effect Talent Dynamics can have on the organisation.

Profile Debrief.

The 1-2-1 debrief gives deeper insight into how your profile works.  It explains the best way to use your talent for its greatest effect.  This covers both you personally and other profiles in the team.

The profile debrief gives you an opportunity to ask questions directly to me.  You will receive personalised answers that will help you create value for your team.

Step 1: Understanding Primary

The first step of the Talent Dynamics Pathway is built around creating unity to the Primary Purpose of your business.  The entire team will understand the principles of Talent Dynamics and how it applies to you.

The strengths and weaknesses of each team member will be identified.  The workshop will look at how the trust and flow in the team is affecting productivity and provide solutions to unblock any issues.

Discussion and actions will be decided that can take place quickly and lead to high impact changes.

Step 2: Meaningful, Measurable,
Profitable Change.

This 3 day workshops runs over consecutive days or over the course of a month.  The second step allows the strategic team to create a practical strategy which includes:
  • Identifying your Enterprise Promise.
  • Setting your 1 year plan as Conditions of Success.
  • Defining each team members responsibilities and milestones as a Personal Compass.
  • Mapping out the process and project maps in names and numbers.
  • Creating a Flight Deck that brings together key measures that allow a quick and easy overview of progress.

Step 3: Full Implementation.

Step 3 is a partnership where I work with you on a weekly and monthly basis to include the principles of Talent Dynamics into your business.  Step 3 will transform your organisation into a high-performing team.  This step typically last 12 - 18 months and includes:
  • Creating workspaces that match flow to function.
  • Turning plans into projects and processes.
  • Aligning time management to actions that save money and reduce wasted time.
  • Recruitment, reviewing and retaining staff.
  • Creating a culture of communication that ensures prompt action is undertaken.

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