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Who you spend time with…

…Is who you become!

You’ve probably heard this phrase before…

But stop and think about it for a second. If it really IS true that who you spend time with is who you become, then surely it makes sense – as a business leader – to try and surround yourself with as many other successful business leaders as possible!

By now, you’ve probably heard that the Trust Conference is nearly completely sold out.

But what you may not have realised is the extremely high calibre of business leaders who are attending. I’ve just uploaded the delegate list for you here:

Trust Conference Delegate List

CEO’s, Business Leaders, HR Directors, Heads of Talent Management, Employee engagement and some of the UK’s top training suppliers are in attendance already.

As you’ll see, we have some incredible delegates due to attend and join us on the day. Many organisations listed are bringing upwards of 10 people with them, to really embed the learnings back in the workplace.

So if you want to network and connect with some of the most successful business leaders in the UK, the Trust Conference is the perfect opportunity for you to do so.

If you haven’t already, you can still book your ticket here.

It really is going to be the networking opportunity of the year. 800+ Business leaders focused at the importance of Trust in Business. People like you, who share similar values with you, who see building trust as a high priority in todays ‘Trust Economy’

I look forward to seeing you there on the day!


PS: Here are all the details you need:

Date: Tuesday 10th September

Time: 8am-6pm

Venue: The Great Hall, Kensington Town Hall, Hornton Street, London, W8 7NX

IMPORTANT: If you have already registered but still haven’t been able to access your free bonuses and take the Talent Dynamics Profile test, please contact for help…


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