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The Power of Environment

Roger James HamiltonAs Roger Hamilton explained at a recent entrepreneur event in Bali, the roots of Talent Dynamics and the five frequencies are the same roots found in Chinese Feng Shui and used to define the layout of great cities from Paris and London to Washington. According to Roger, we are not products of habit as much of products of our environment, and all the best intentions to change a team won’t work if the environment itself isn’t at the right frequency.

“When we walk in a library, we go quiet. When we go to a club, we dance. Dancing in a library or reading a book in a disco simply doesn’t feel right, so we don’t do it. Many of us are trying to be creative in a cubicle of reviewing finances in a board room over lunch, and we wonder why we keep getting distracted or doing a poor job.” – Roger James Hamilton

Within Talent Dynamics, Roger Hamilton goes into detail as to how environments can be transformed into the five energies that contribute to flow, and that all great companies use all five when designing their different functions: Water (Leadership & Purpose), Wood (Innovation & Planning), Fire (Sales & Marketing), Earth (Service & HR), Metal (Finance & Systems). Furthermore, an enormous amount of energy is spent when we switch energies. As Roger says “Switching from studying a spreadsheet to taking a call to going back to the spreadsheet takes as much energy has going from ice to fire and back to ice again. If you haven’t synchronized your calendar to your environments – your time to your space – you will be constantly wasting energy on interruptions.”

Part of the more advanced steps within Talent Dynamics is when a company redesigns their office and their schedule to optimize their performance. Roger compares the experience when you get this right like the experience of a child planning a day at Disneyland with the Disney map in front of them, or a family planning a holiday to a new place.

“Flow isn’t just about what you do. It’s about where and when you do it.” – Roger James Hamilton

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  1. Nice work, Roger. I find that I am affected not only by the physical environment (church or boardroom), but also by the social environment: that is, it’s important to choose whether you will be surrounded by turkeys or flying with eagles 🙂

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