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The Rise of Superman.

Wow! I am super excited to announce that I have just arranged to host a webinar with the one and only Steven Kotler.

Steven has not only appeared in top publications like Magazine, The Atlantic Monthly, Wired and Forbes, but is also a New York Times Best Seller and co-founder and director of research for the Flow Genome Project. Quite a catch I’m sure you’ll agree. 

In Steven’s new book ‘The Rise Of Superman’, he explores how over the past three decades, an unlikely collection of men and women have pushed human performance farther and faster than at any other point the 150,000 year of our species. This amazing read examines how a radical mental state has enabled these people to redefine the limits of the possible.Steven Kotler. The Rise of Superman

This fantastic book isn’t just relevant to those hoping to achieve amazing physical feats, but also has huge implications on the world of business, as Steven probes into the state known to researchers as ‘flow’. Most of us have had some familiarity with flow, especially in the business world. If you’ve ever got so deeply involved in a project, so much so that everything else seems to just disappear and time just flies by, then you’ve most certainly tasted this experience. In flow, we are so focused on the task at hand that everything else falls away, action and awareness merge, self vanishes and performance goes through the roof.

And this is why I am so excited at having the honour of hosting a webinar with Steven Kotler and learning much more on this pivotal subject. If you’re in flow, then you’re going to do great things, that’s just a fact! 

So, on Friday 11th April at 3pm, I personally invite you to join Steven and I for 60 minutes, where you’ll discover more about the amazing effects flow can have on you, your business and your life. 

Click here to register >  

Look forward to seeing you there.  


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