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The three sides to every problem

In this blog, Roger Hamilton will be publishing simple tips for Talent Dynamics performance consultants to use to create flow in their teams. This week, the topic is team problem solving. Last year Roger Hamilton took a group of entrepreneurs toRoger Hamilton Italy and Egypt, and while there he shared the influence that Pythagoras had on problem solving. Roger quoted a Pythagoras dictum “Establish the triangle and the problem is two thirds solved.” When you only have two opposing points of view, little can be seen. Step outside to a third point, and the detachment creates perspective on the entire problem.

Not only was this principle used by scientists to plot stars, create our calendar and maps, determine distances and by societies to set up their legal and monetary systems, it is also used by entrepreneurs to address current challenges and opportunities by focusing the team on a third point in the future – a goal and vision for them all to align to. This concept of triangulation is also the fastest way to set up a team to problem solve or project manage using a simple 1-2-3 process with the Talent Dynamics square:

1. Begin with the leader’s profile (for example, Star Profile)
2. Take two steps to find the best right-hand man (which would be Deal Maker Profile)
3. Take three steps to find the best counter-balance (which would be a Lord Profile)

Many successful teams are made up in this way (and it works whichever profile you begin with). It allows all sides of the square to be covered with primary and secondary profiles with the minimum number of team members. As Roger James Hamilton says “Two legs on a stool isn’t worth anything. It’s the third leg that brings value to all three.”

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