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Trust and Mind Mapping

By Janine Clark

Trust is core to the Talent Dynamics model and it has been interesting to have a recent experience with the value of trust.

Here is some background to trust. Think of a child you know who is about four years old! They are cute, possibly mischievous and it’s a stage of life where there is lots of learning about the world. At this stage little people may seem very young and innocent but they develop a key ability that keeps them safe in life. It’s the ability to ‘mind map’.

Mind mapping

Mind mapping is the ability to read and track the intention of another. On a simple level it’s the skill you use to buy your friend a present that will delight them. It’s also the skill we use to map trust, to know someone’s intention.

I class myself as a very generous and open person with most people, including or especially with clients.  Recently I noticed myself feeling edgy and ‘out of flow’. I hadn’t noticed that a breach of trust had come onto my radar, yet my ability to mind map was warning me.

The long story short is that in this case I was on the receiving end of a client breeching my trust, and I was able to observe the generosity the client missed out on as a result. It reminded me of what I could miss out on if I don’t build that trust with my clients.

My clients can map my intention so best I make it a great one, with their success soundly positioned at the centre. That way we all win..

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