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Unas Spotlight: Acceptance

Una’s Spotlight – Acceptance

Some people think that acceptance is a weakness. To get where you want to go, to be successful means that you must fight for what is yours, pull out all the stops and be all gung ho! Doesn’t it? Maybe. Some of the time. However:

“When you fight with what is, you only loose 100% of the time…”

I know when I first came across this saying it took me a few times to really get it.

For instance, because of changes in technology such as digital photography, bigger bandwidth and the increasing use of mobile devices, the patterns of media consumption have and continue to change dramatically. Anyone in the creative industries that is ignoring this does so at their peril.

Think about H.M. Warner who said in 1927, “Who the hell wants to hear actors talk?” Seems a pretty dumb thing to say now, eh?

Yet changes like this could be happening in your industry or profession and the pace of change is much faster now than in 1927…

So being in denial is not going to get you anywhere. Hoping things will be different may feel good as you dream about how things could be “if, but, maybe” things changed. However,

“Hope is not a course of action.”

Acceptance is not self-defeat

I’m not talking about giving up on what you want either. The next time you hear yourself or somebody else moaning, listen intently to what they are really saying. Is it “I don’t like XYZ fact”, or “there’s nothing I can do about XYZ fact”?

There’s nothing wrong with not liking something, as long as it doesn’t stop you from exploring what the true implications are and what to do as a result.

Get a team together who have different skills, experiences and perspectives from you, to help you overcome a challenge and watch magic happen.

Accepting People

One of the things that I love about Talent Dynamics is that it really helps to increase acceptance. Acceptance of ourselves as well as others.

That is incredible because so much heartache and pain happens in the workplace and in life all around the world because of a lack of acceptance. Remember,

“Never try to teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time and it annoys the pig.” 

George Bernard Shaw

Who do you know that is trying to be something that they’re not and will always find it a challenge to be?

For instance, someone with a Creator profile is going to struggle to be a great project manager if the main focus of that work is detailed planning and scheduling. This is what Accumulators and Traders find simple. However if the role’s key accountability is coming up with great strategies for the project then that’s a different story.

Delivering value builds trust and it’s pretty hard to deliver excellent value when you’re not working in your area of natural strengths. If you want people to give you interesting work then they need to trust you can deliver. If you want to have great clients then they need to trust that you can deliver.

You want a team around you that you trust to deliver. Begin by accepting who people truly are and helping them to work on tasks that are within their natural strengths.

Build Confidence

As you may well be aware, the more somebody accepts themselves for who they are the more likely they are to be open to their weak spots. This means they don’t always have to be perfect allowing them to be vulnerable at times so they can open up and listen to others ideas and – imagine this – even ask others for help!

If you want true collaboration and team effectiveness you won’t get it with a bunch of know-it-alls that’s for sure.

Do remember though, that any strength overdone becomes a weakness… As we often say within the Talent Dynamics community “your profile is not an excuse for inexcusable behaviour”.

Make sure that you don’t mirror the “Oh, that’s just me!” blind refusal to grow, you may sometimes come across… Let’s face it, personal growth and emotional intelligence are not related to any particular Talent Dynamics profiles – we all have the opportunity to grow… or not as we choose.

Accepting the facts of a situation helps you deal with them in the most effective way possible. Accepting yourself allows you to develop and grow those parts of you that you do have the power to change. Accepting others, well in addition to building trust it will increase the levels of peace in the world. A timely thought for the holiday season…


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